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Razor Workflow

This page describes typical workflows in Razor for provisioning a new operating system.

Add MicroKernel

When Razor is initially installed there are no images loaded in the system. A microkernel image is required to perform the initial inventory discovery process as a system connects to Razor.

  • Download a microkernel (MK) from the project site:
  • Load the microkernel via the razor image command:

    $ razor image add mk ./rz_mk_dev-image.
    Attempting to add, please wait...
    New image added successfully
    UUID: 1nnkuB5BiH1C93HOO0PTFi
    Type: MicroKernel Image
    ISO Filename: rz_mk_dev-image.
    Path: /opt/razor/image/mk/1nnkuB5BiH1C93HOO0PTFi
    Status: Valid
    Build Time: 2012-05-09 13:11:01 -0700

Razor will automatically use the newest MK image available in the image service.

Provision a New OS.

To provision a new OS, Razor requires the following:

  • The installation ISO is available Razor image service.
  • The model containing the Operating System model template and settings is specified.
  • Optionally, a broker for node handoff after provisioning is specified.
  • A Policy which specifies rules to bind nodes to an active model is selected.
  • A system matching all tag rules as specified in policy is available.

The commands and process for taking these steps to provision an Ubuntu server are shown below.

Importing OS Images

The razor image command will provide a list of images available on the Razor system. If the desired image is not present, it can be added to the Razor system as follows:

$ razor image add os ../ubuntu-12.04-server-amd64.iso ubuntu_precise 12.04

Attempting to add, please wait...
New image added successfully
UUID: 274HnNlQF5jvbo0y6U0aok
Type: OS Install
ISO Filename: ubuntu-12.04-server-amd64.iso
Path: /mnt/nfs/Razor/image/os/274HnNlQF5jvbo0y6U0aok
Status: Valid
OS Name: ubuntu_precise
OS Version: 12.04

Create OS Deployment Model

The razor model get template command will provide a list of the OS templates available in the system. These templates provide built-in deployment models that can be used for installing an operating system:

$ razor model get template

Model Templates:
Template Name         Description         
centos_6        CentOS 6 Model            
debian_wheezy   Debian Wheezy Model       
opensuse_12     OpenSuSE Suse 12 Model    
ubuntu_oneiric  Ubuntu Oneiric Model      
ubuntu_precise  Ubuntu Precise Model      
vmware_esxi_5   VMware ESXi 5 Deployment  

Once the desired template is available, associate the appropriate OS image for software installation, and provide the necessary data for system configuration:

$ razor model add --template=ubuntu_precise --label=install_precise --image_uuid=274HnNlQF5jvbo0y6U0aok
--- Building Model (ubuntu_precise):
Please enter node hostname prefix (will append node number) (example: node)
default: node
(QUIT to cancel)
> ubuntu
Please enter root password (> 8 characters) (example: P@ssword!)
default: test1234
(QUIT to cancel)
> test1234
Model created
Label =>  install_precise
Template =>  linux_deploy
Description =>  Ubuntu Precise Model
UUID =>  3LCN86Cpx0Te3Of5WbORkQ
Image UUID =>  274HnNlQF5jvbo0y6U0ao

Create Policy

With the appropriate OS ISO loaded into the image service and a matching OS model created, a policy can be created to deploy this operating system to all nodes that match the policy.

$ razor policy add --template=linux_deploy --label=precise --model_uuid=3LCN86Cpx0Te3Of5WbORkQ --broker_uuid=none --tags=memsize_4GiB,vmware_vm --enabled
Policy created
UUID =>  41o1z77j2R4ZsgjD9KTpPe
Line Number =>  2
Label =>  precise
Enabled =>  true
Template =>  linux_deploy
Description =>  Policy for deploying a Linux-based operating system.
Tags =>  [vmware_vm]
Model Label =>  install_precise
Broker Target =>  none
Bound Count =>  0

The initial policy creates a single rule which can be enabled/disabled. When multiple rules exists in Razor, the first rule that matches is applied in a manner similar to how firewall rules behave:

$ razor policy
#  Enabled     Label         Tags        Model Label    Count           UUID           
0  true     precise  [memsize_4GiB,vmware_vm]  install_precise  0      41o1z77j2R4ZsgjD9KTpPe