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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
[ 'host', 'test', 'web', 'hocon' ].each do |lib|
require "beaker/dsl/helpers/#{lib}_helpers"
module Beaker
module DSL
# Contains methods to help you manage and configure your SUTs.
# Extensions, available in separate modules, enable you to configure and interact with puppet, facter
# and hiera. See [the docs](/docs/how_to/
# To mix this is into a class you need the following:
# * a method *hosts* that yields any hosts implementing
# {Beaker::Host}'s interface to act upon.
# * a method *options* that provides an options hash, see {Beaker::Options::OptionsHash}
# * a method *logger* that yields a logger implementing
# {Beaker::Logger}'s interface.
# * the module {Beaker::DSL::Roles} that provides access to the various hosts implementing
# {Beaker::Host}'s interface to act upon
# * the module {Beaker::DSL::Wrappers} the provides convenience methods for {Beaker::DSL::Command} creation
# * a method *metadata* that yields a hash
module Helpers
include Beaker::DSL::Helpers::HostHelpers
include Beaker::DSL::Helpers::TestHelpers
include Beaker::DSL::Helpers::WebHelpers
include Beaker::DSL::Helpers::HoconHelpers