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This doc is to be able to give people some idea of Beaker's current status. It's here to answer questions like "When is the next scheduled Beaker release?", etc. If you have any questions about Beaker, this should be the first place you go. If you can't find it here, or in the other Beaker Docs, then feel free to contact QE.

Released Beaker Info

Official Status GIF/img

Official Status Caption Attempt:

Leaving the station again

So What's the New Beaker?

Any Reason I Should Doubt Beaker?

This section is for known issues caused by the latest release that are (hopefully) being worked on right now. It can also include issues that weren't caused by the release, but are known to be affecting people currently. This is not intended to be a complete list, just a quick at-a-glance view to give people an idea if they should be ducking, or not using the newest stuff out there.

Development Beaker Info

But I Need More Beaker! When is the Next Beaker Coming Out?

-------------------> Wednesday, February 20th <-------------------

NOTE Beaker was scheduled to be released on Feb 6th, but there were no changes outstanding, so the release was skipped. See you next time!

Beaker is scheduled to be released every month following the closing of our sprints on Wednesdays.

If you have reason to need a release sooner, create a JIRA issue for this conversation, and we can talk about it there.

But What Will Be in the Next Beaker?

Our releases are MINOR releases, as they typically contain backwards-compatible new functionality ( for context).

You can check work that has already been merged between the last release and now with this commit compare page.

For work that's currently being reviewed before merge, check our github PRs page.

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