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The dependency-checker tool validates dependencies in metadata.json files in Puppet modules or YAML files containing arrays of Puppet modules against the latest published versions on the Puppet Forge.


dependency-checker is compatible with Ruby versions 2.0.0 and newer.


via gem command:

`gem install dependency_checker`

via Gemfile:

`gem 'dependency_checker`


Run against a single Puppet module metadata.json file

$ dependency-checker /path/to/metadata.json

You can use a local/remote YAML file containing an array of modules (using syntax namespace/module)

$ dependency-checker managed_modules.yaml

It can also be run verbosely to show valid dependencies:

$ dependency-checker -v modules/*/metadata.json

You can also run it inside a module during a pre-release to determine the effect of a version bump in the metadata.json:

$ dependency-checker -c ../*/metadata.json

Or you can supply an override value

$ dependency-checker ../*/metadata.json -o puppetlabs/stdlib,10.0.0

The following optional parameters are available:

    -o, --override module,version    Forge name of module and semantic version to override
    -c, --current                    Extract override version from metadata.json inside current working directory
    -v, --[no-]verbose               Run verbosely
    -h, --help                       Display help

If attempting to use both -o and -c, an error will be thrown as these can only be used exclusively.

Testing with dependency-checker as a Rake task

You can also integrate dependency-checker checks into your tests using a Rake task:

require 'dependency_checker'

desc 'Run dependency-checker'
task :metadata_deps do
  files = FileList['modules/*/metadata.json']
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