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Archived Puppet documentation

This repository is the final resting place of Puppet documentation for Puppet versions that are no longer maintained or supported. For a list of the current maintained versions of open source Puppet and its components, see the most recent Puppet version information. For a list of supported Puppet Enterprise versions, see the Puppet Enterprise lifecycle.

Each archived version of docs is organized by component (such as Puppet, Puppet Enterprise, Hiera) and then by version. Not all component docs are archived here; for example, most Puppet Server and PuppetDB docs are kept in their respective project repositories.

Archive formats

Archived docs are in either Markdown or PDF formats, depending on version.

The oldest docs versions are available only in Markdown. You can access these files in the relevant directory here on GitHub. Alternatively, you can clone and download the repo and uncompress the tarball to view the docs in your local browser.

Some docs versions contain a combination of PDF and Markdown files.

The Markdown docs in this repo were never meant to be published in this manner, so most links on pages won't work, and there's no sidebar of navigation for pages in the same section you're viewing. We suggest a browser extension such as Octotree to improve your viewing experience.

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