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jaydg commented May 9, 2011


I've implemented support for DragonFly BSD.
I'd love to see it included in the distribution.


Joachim de Groot


In order to get this merged, we need to you to sign our Contributor License Agreement so that we can include your code. Have you made an account on and signed the agreement?


Excellent, thanks for verifying that. Since this was submitted before we were using pull requests, there's been a bit of drift since this pull request was made. Would you be willing to rebase this on top of master so it will merge cleanly?

jaydg commented Sep 8, 2011

Here you are.

Unfortunately I had to fiddle so much that my elaborate comment on 7e2b216 got lost. But to sum up the quintessence: swap space calculation is currently broken on OpenBSD as the sum line is taken into account on machines with multiple swap devices.

kbarber commented Sep 30, 2011

Hi Joachim de Groot ... I've added some more to this work - tests and other cleanup. So I'm closing this request and new pull request is here:


This adds more tests, cleans up some code, adds the ticket number to your commits - but I've kept your commits as they are otherwise.

I tested this on DragonFly and OpenBSD and it seems to be good. Thanks for your hard work mate :-).

@kbarber kbarber closed this Sep 30, 2011
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