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(#14521) Fix install for vendored cfpropertylist code #210

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In Facter 2.0 we're vendoring some code for cfpropertylist and install.rb mangled the path and did not include the license. This resolves both those issues.

HAIL9000 added some commits May 16, 2012
@HAIL9000 HAIL9000 (#14521) Ensure install only strips leading lib dir
Prior to this commit, install stripped out all instance of lib,
which was fine, but now we are vendoring code for facts, and we
need that directory to exist for the vendored so that the require
is correct and because that directory contains the license.
@HAIL9000 HAIL9000 (#14521) Ensure install propagates licenses
Prior to Facter 2.0, we weren't vendoring code that specifically
required a license, so we didn't need to propagate licenses. Now
Facter 2.0 is vendoring code and we need to explicitly include
the license for that code.
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haus commented May 16, 2012

@hkenney can you retarget the pull request against 2.0rc please?

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Pull request has been retargeted to 2.0rc:


@HAIL9000 HAIL9000 closed this May 16, 2012
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