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fd3fe17 Add hiera_puppet.rb to debian, redhat packages, fix gem version dependency
0fbdd62 (#15291) Add Vendor tag to Hiera-Puppet spec file
5e516ee Update Debian packaging rake task to correctly create the orig.tar.gz
84b4d11 (Maint) Rename PuppetlabsSpec::Puppet{Seams,Internals}
2fa4251 Update hiera-puppet package tasks
8e4e76a (maint) Replace .should on blocks with .to
9c23e9d Remove puppetlabs_spec_helper require from root Rakefile
7ac4a54 (Maint) Fix missing spec_helper lines in some tests
88c5f9a (Maint) Fix mock error with hiera module
d840325 (Maint) Use PuppetlabsSpec::PuppetSeams.parser_scope
def41d5 Add watchr script
44bc7cb (#15105) Update README YAML examples
9ab901f (maint) Hiera Puppet now has a LICENSE file
bdb8563 (#15184) Refactor parser functions
89cde8d (Maint) Create a test for the puppet backend
8a49eab (maint) Add acceptance tests
95d7058 (maint) parser functions do not require hiera.yaml
01e9122 (maint) Follow Puppet Labs style guide + code cleanup
b166328 (#14841) Add test coverage for remaining hiera parser functions
d76a9d8 (#14841) Add test for hiera_hash parser function
7a458a4 (#14841) Give useful error for array or hash lookup failure
dbdda00 (#12122) Use nil as default answer in lookup
378a1a2 Tweak debian packaging
5adc454 Add package task to tasks
470c5c8 Add Redhat packaging to hiera-puppet
4101d02 Add debian packaging for hiera-puppet
64b7375 Move conf to ext directory
cb721c5 Add mac packaging to hiera-puppet
a042de4 Revert "(#14461) Remove Puppet parser functions"
48bfccb (#14461) Remove Puppet parser functions
632457e Rubygems is not required to use hiera
2df319a (#14124) Load rake tasks directly to fix tests for Ruby 1.9.x
eb800e4 (#12037) hiera-puppet should support hash values.
927de1f Add test coverage for hiera_hash()
894a7a4 Fail if a lookup key isn't passed
97e6c3b Ready repository for release process
5abdb9e Add tests to scope for calling_class and calling_module handling
a735052 added volcanes patch to allow calling_module and calling_class to be evaluated in scope
30b7294 false vs. nil - supporting false as default value
15cd26d Adding hiera_hash for CHANGES.txt
bd1d1be Adding hiera_hash() Puppet function
4b68af3 (minor) tweaks to modules README
4e9e880 Release 0.2.0
27f3b10 Update changes
ea3ca2d Add a hiera_array() function and fix args parsing
c4adfac Add a hiera_include() function and update example
3d082e4 Fix spec failure
c3dd67f Add array search support
459ed6f Add apache 2 lic
59ae8a3 Improve example
583f24c Fix formating and make clearer
bfef859 Add a example setup Fix some unfriendly behavior wrt class names that don't resolve using scope
1b6866e Improve sample config and mention installation pains
759fd06 Rename tests dir to unit dir for consistancy with other projects
4a00e43 Add more tests, fix more bugs
f4cd24d Add tests and fix bugs found with tests
b92ac2c Add a debug statement
ffda5bb Add README
3df4007 Add a puppet backend that impliments Nigels design
ae5b084 Add a hash like wrapper around puppet scope
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