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NOTE Analytics gathering has been removed from the Lumogon client, this page is preserved as a record of the old behaviour.

[Obsolete] Anonymous Aggregate User Behaviour Analytics

Lumogon gathers anonymous aggregate user behaviour analytics and reports these to Google Analytics.


The Lumogon team is interested in learning how users are using Lumogon to explore their containers. This aggregate data helps us to prioritize issues and new features based on how Lumogon is actually used.

We will also use the analytics to help monitor the health of the Lumogon reporting service. If our analytics data suggests that more reports are uploaded than our service receives, then this might be an indication that our service is not keeping up with user demand.


Lumogon's analytics record some shared information for every event:

Lumogon's analytics records the following different events:

  • a screenview hit type with the official Lumogon command you ran (with arguments stripped), e.g. lumogon capabilities
  • an event type that indicates that an upload to the report viewer service was at least attempted

You can disable all analytics by passing --disable-analytics on the command line.

It is impossible for the Lumogon team to match any particular event to any particular user.


Lumogon's analytics are sent during Lumogon's execution to Google Analytics over HTTPS.


The anonymous aggregate data is accessible to the Lumogon team at Puppet, Inc.


The code is viewable in analytics. Analytics are processed in a separate background process and fail fast to avoid delaying any execution. They will fail immediately and silently if you have no network connection.

Opting out

Lumogon analytics help improve the quality and direction of the Lumogon project and leaving analytics enabled is appreciated. However, if you want to opt out of Lumogon's analytics, you can pass the following CLI argument at runtime:

docker run --rm -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock puppet/lumogon --disable-analytics