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maguec commented Apr 4, 2012

similar to the excellent information on configuring activemq, I've added some quick docs on how to configure RabbitMQ to work with mcollective.


ripienaar commented Apr 4, 2012

Thanks, sorry to be a pain but we need:

  • A ticket @ in the mcollective project
  • You need to sign the CLA there so we can take this contribution, you can see a link at the top that lets you sign it

there's some ActiveMQ changes in here too we'd need to remove those for this commit to be accepted based on the description.

I am not sure about adding the jetty stuff to the sample xml files since they behave weirdly for some people if their packages dont deliver those XML files, or in weird locations etc so I've been keeping things as minimal so it more or less Just Works for as many people as possible

Waiting for CLA signature by @maguec

@maguec - We require a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) for people who contribute to Puppet, but we have an easy click-through license with instructions, which is available at

Note: if your contribution is trivial and you think it may be exempt from the CLA, please post a short reply to this comment with details.


ploubser commented Sep 4, 2013

Closing since we haven't had feedback in a year. Feel free to open it up again if needed.

ploubser closed this Sep 4, 2013

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