Updated OpenBSD port files for MCollective 2.1.0. #48

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Tested on OpenBSD 5.0. It seems that the mcollective port has disappeared from OpenBSD, probably because it wasn't maintained. With this update, people can build their own packages of mcollective 2.1.0 on OpenBSD.

bladealslayer added some commits Jul 9, 2012
@bladealslayer bladealslayer Update OpenBSD port files for MCollective 2.1.0.
Tested on OpenBSD 5.0.
@bladealslayer bladealslayer Added new mcollective startup script for OpenBSD.
File was missed in previous commit, because 'pkg' is in .gitignore.

Thank you! We will need a ticket over @ http://projects.puppetlabs.com/projects/mcollective/issues for this so we can track it as part of the project.

We also need it in there so we can be sure you signed our contributors agreement before accepting the code, the agreement - if not already signed - can be seen at the top of redmine when you are logged in


Hi, I just accepted the electronic agreement. Should I still email a scanned signed document?


Interesting - I thought this pull request was closed. Why was my merge from upstream master added to the pull request?


Merged in f593469.

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