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A message broker for the PCP protocol. It now supports PCP v2, with limited support for PCP v1 clients:

  • Delayed message delivery is no longer supported; message expiration is ignored in v1 messages.
  • Multicast messaging is no longer supported; only messages with a single target will be allowed.
  • Session association is deprecated. Client types may be specified by appending them to the connection URI; when not supplied client type defaults to agent. The client type established on connection must be used in any session_association requests.
  • Debug chunks are no longer created or retransmitted.


To use this service in your trapperkeeper application, simply add this project as a dependency in your leiningen project file:

Clojars Project

And then see these notes on configuring

Running the server

For development purposes you can run a broker out of a checkout using the insecure certificates provided in test-resources/ with either the following command:

lein tk

(This one runs the broker with schema validations disabled, i.e. the same as in production.)

Or with:

lein tkv

(This one runs the broker with schema validations enabled for greater scrutiny.)


Look here.


Please refer to this document.