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Packaging Setup for Deb packages of Puppet

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Puppet debs

This is the packaging project for Deb packages of Puppet.

  • The master branch means nothing.
  • There are branches for upstream and pristine tar, these should only be modified when a new upstream version is released
  • There are branches for lenny, lucid and squeeze currently.
  • Branches/builds for other distributions will be added very soon.

Package can built using the following commands (assuming you on the lenny branch):

  git  buildpackage  --git-arch=amd64 --git-dist=lenny  -sa

Prebuilt packages

You should be able to find deb of Puppet Labs latest versions of Puppet on


If you wish to report packaging issues, request or ideas, you are welcome to file issues at our Red Mine Project.


The license of the material for packaging is mostly under the GPLv2 as per the way the original Debian maintainers established it. Anything additionally generated by Puppet Labs is under the Apache Software License 2.0.

(c) 2011 Puppet Labs

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