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Parenthesis are mandatory with rvalue-functions

This fixes a problem with the reference documentation where it was not
explained that parenthesis are only optional for statement-level

Here is an example :

    $a = function "argument" $b = literal

With the "old" parser, this will result in a parse error. With the new
parser, it seems that it is interpreted like this :

    $a = 'function';
    $b = 'literal';

Which might cause puzzling bugs.
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bartavelle committed Jan 9, 2014
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@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ In the examples above, `template`, `include`, and `str2bool` are all functions.
The general form of a function call is:
* The name of the function, as a bare word
* An optional opening parenthesis
* An opening parenthesis, that is optional when the function is used as a statement
* Any number of **arguments,** separated with commas; the number and type of arguments are controlled by the function
* A closing parenthesis, if an open parenthesis was used

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