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Commits on Mar 29, 2015
  1. @LarissaLane

    Add backup files

    LarissaLane authored
  2. @LarissaLane
  3. @LarissaLane
Commits on Mar 27, 2015
  1. @MFredette
  2. @MFredette
  3. @MFredette
  4. @nfagerlund

    Merge pull request #480 from pizzaops/fix_restore_typos

    nfagerlund authored
    Add required quotes to db names.
  5. @ipeldridge
Commits on Mar 26, 2015
  1. @ipeldridge
  2. Update 3.7.5 release date

    Nick Fagerlund authored
  3. @melissa

    Merge pull request #478 from puppetlabs/mar2015_puppet_3.7.5

    melissa authored
    Mar2015 puppet 3.7.5
  4. @ipeldridge
  5. @LarissaLane

    Remove PuppetDB group

    LarissaLane authored
    This information is incorrect.
Commits on Mar 25, 2015
  1. @MFredette

    Merge pull request #481 from pizzaops/fix_restore_process

    MFredette authored
    Fix db restore commands.
  2. @pizzaops
  3. @pizzaops

    Fix db restore commands.

    pizzaops authored
    -f is for dumping only, and prevents the restore from succeeding.
    Remove -f, everything works.
  4. @jbondpdx

    DOCS: Hiera 2.0.0 release notes: add tar/gem only notice

    jbondpdx authored
    This release is only available via gem/tar, so I added that info to the release notes.
  5. @jbondpdx

    Merge pull request #479 from puppetlabs/feb2015_hiera_200

    jbondpdx authored
    Feb2015 hiera 200
  6. @pizzaops
  7. @jbondpdx
  8. @jbondpdx

    HI-348. Document deep-merge options passed in lookup

    jbondpdx authored
    Corrected information re: `resolution_type` Hash
  9. @MFredette

    Update appendix.markdown

    MFredette authored
  10. @MFredette
  11. @MFredette
  12. @ipeldridge

    (DOC-1806) /var should be 4 GB on small and med environments--appendi…

    ipeldridge authored
    …ng /opt is for PuppetDB on mono
  13. @ipeldridge
  14. @jbondpdx

    DOCS: added HI-274 to rel notes, documented HI-348 change

    jbondpdx authored
    Added HI-274 to release notes.
    Documented `resolution_type` information on custom_backends page.
  15. @ipeldridge
  16. @pdxmph

    Fix: Broken in-page anchors

    pdxmph authored
  17. (DOC-1808) Add generated references for 3.7.5

    Nick Fagerlund authored
  18. (guts) (DOC-1808) Make references generator limp along for a little w…

    Nick Fagerlund authored
    …hile longer (facter -> cfacter transition)
    We were locking facter to origin/master, which is no longer regular Ruby facter.
    Pointing it at 2.x instead will let us keep limping along until we have a chance
    to refactor this thing completely.
Commits on Mar 24, 2015
  1. Note that $module_name and $caller_module_name are always defined, so…

    Nick Fagerlund authored
    …metimes with value of undef
  2. Add environment_timeout to important settings, and clarify a thing in…

    Nick Fagerlund authored
    … environments_configuring
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