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Commits on Feb 12, 2016
  1. @jbondpdx
  2. (guts) If a document claims a non-existent version of another product…

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    …, fall back to latest
    Easy enough fix, but without it, you'll get weird broken links if a doc asks for
    a non-existent version in its `my_versions` hash. Now we treat non-existent
    versions the same as omitting a version.
  3. Sort Puppet Server docs in descending order, like the rest of the doc…

    Nick Fagerlund committed
  4. Move config file comment closer to the thing it describes

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    This got separated from its pack somehow.
Commits on Feb 11, 2016
  1. Unlock latest for Puppet and Puppet Server

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    There are no pre-release versions of these docs posted, so our tools are already
    correctly guessing the latest version.
  2. (guts) Make the lock_latest setting in _config.yml more forgiving

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    Man, config munging makes everything better. Anyway, it's now easier to write
    the lock_latest list:
    * If the list is empty, it can just be nil. We can skip the curly braces and commas.
    * Version numbers don't have to be quoted.
  3. Trim unnecessary "url" key from PuppetDB external sources

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    This was a holdover from the old external sources format, and isn't used anymore.
  4. (guts) Use {% partial %} and frontmatter defaults to replace {% rende…

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    …r_nav %}
    Now that the {% partial %} tag can accept variables, and Jekyll lets you set
    default variables for pages based on path prefix (albeit using a data format
    that's unwieldy to work with in YAML), the render_nav tag is basically obsolete.
    This commit replaces it with two extensions we've doubled down on (the "partial"
    tag and PuppetDocs::Config), so there are fewer things to reason about.
    This commit does not change the interface at all; nav snippets are still set via
    the defaultnav config, the nav key in yaml frontmatter, or document data.
  5. (guts) Use Jekyll's frontmatter defaults to set layout

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    So now the boilerplate 'layout: default' setting on every page is optional.
    This commit also moves the final fallback nav snippet into frontmatter defaults.
  6. (style) Update the 'lvm' layout with recent changes from the default …

    Nick Fagerlund committed
  7. (guts) Delete the version_notes hack

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    I made this hack to help us limp along and deflect reader confusion until we
    could teach our site builder about document versions. Well: we finally got
    there, and it's time to thank the noble hack for its work and bid it farewell.
  8. (guts) Remove the never-used "version_note" key from document data

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    I'd considered consolidating the version note info into the documents hash, but
    ultimately decided to automate them instead of maintain them as content.
  9. Remove redundant version note from foss SSL regen guide

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    This is the only page where we ever used the ability to set a single-page
    version note, and we only used it to duplicate the big warning that's already at
    the top of the page.
    The real warning is noisy enough, and the red version note is subject to
    banner-blindness anyway. Remove it.
  10. (guts) Automate the version note

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    The jury's still out on whether to get rid of these little red notes, but in the
    meantime, let's at least stop updating these bespoke artisanal traditionally
    hand-carved version notes in the config file and just automate the suckers.
    By my lights, there are two things a user cares about:
    1. Which PE version a component is included in.
    2. Whether this is an older version.
    ...which is very easy to calculate. We lose some of the flexibility of saying
    "Hiera 1 is included in like five PE versions" or whatever, but I don't consider
    that very important.
Commits on Feb 9, 2016
  1. @jtappa
  2. @jtappa

    updated version tables.

    jtappa committed
  3. @jtappa
  4. @ipeldridge
  5. @nfagerlund

    Merge pull request #604 from gguillotte/aggregate-fact

    nfagerlund committed
    DOCUMENT-490: Update progressive fact example in Facter docs.
  6. @gguillotte

    Fix language of code fence.

    gguillotte committed
Commits on Feb 8, 2016
  1. (style) Make version/doc switchers opaque

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    There was too much distracting content showing through, here.
  2. Merge remote-tracking branch 'gguillotte/breadcrumbnav'

    Nick Fagerlund committed
Commits on Feb 6, 2016
  1. Merge commit 'd586ee2'

    Nick Fagerlund committed
  2. (guts) Set shortcut variables for linking to documents, like {{puppet…

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    …}}, etc.
    With this commit, you can link to the "locally correct" version of a given
    document with something like...
    [classes]: {{puppet}}/lang_classes.html
    If you're linking from a versioned document that knows about its own version of
    the destination document (via _config.yml), this will resolve to the correct
    version. If not, it falls back to the latest version.
  3. (guts) Change document data generator plugin to a pre_render page hook

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    This is more elegant, and also makes it possible to set variables outside the
    "page" namespace.
Commits on Feb 5, 2016
  1. Make a new, simpler custom 404 page

    Nick Fagerlund committed
    We'll need to edit the Nginx config to make this appear.
  2. @gguillotte

    Document -> product.

    gguillotte committed
  3. @gguillotte

    Remove Doc:

    gguillotte committed
  4. @gguillotte
Commits on Feb 4, 2016
  1. @gguillotte
  2. @gguillotte

    Test breadcrumb nav.

    gguillotte committed
  3. @jtappa
  4. @jtappa
  5. @jtappa
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