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Commits on Apr 24, 2015
  1. @ipeldridge

    (ENTERPRISE-573) installing agents with different os when master is b…

    ipeldridge authored
    …ehind a proxy needs workaround; a few other edits
  2. @MFredette

    Update _config.yml

    MFredette authored
Commits on Apr 23, 2015
  1. Merge branch 'future-parser'

    Nick Fagerlund authored
  2. (DOC-1885) Revise text of experiments_future, move to new location in…

    Nick Fagerlund authored
    … sidebar
  3. Fix contradictory info about string -> num conversion

    Nick Fagerlund authored
    Arithmetic expressions actually still DO auto-convert, which we had documented
    in the expressions page. So I'm also adding the 0+$string shortcut for manual
    str->num conversion.
    Interestingly, this also means there's a secret double-negative operator for
    converting string -> num:
    $mystring = "899"
    $mynum = --$mystring
    ...but it's a little too obscure and unreadable to actually recommend, so I'm
    leaving it out of the page.
  4. (DOC-1903) Add hash operators to expressions page

    Nick Fagerlund authored
  5. Delete experiments_lambdas page

    Nick Fagerlund authored
    This is replaced by a combination of future_lang_{functions,lambdas,iteration}.
  6. (DOC-1836) Add page about iteration

    Nick Fagerlund authored
    I realized that the lambdas page and the functions page had all the info you
    technically needed, but they were too "some assembly required." So I added this
    page that collects some of the more relevant info in one place.
Commits on Apr 22, 2015
  1. (DOC-1836) Add page on lambdas

    Nick Fagerlund authored
  2. @ipeldridge
Commits on Apr 21, 2015
  1. @LarissaLane

    Remove the recommendation to add classes to the default node group

    LarissaLane authored
  2. @LarissaLane
  3. @LarissaLane

    Update known issues

    LarissaLane authored
  4. @LarissaLane
Commits on Apr 20, 2015
  1. @LarissaLane
  2. @LarissaLane

    Change a word in the Spanish landing page

    LarissaLane authored
    This change adjusts the Spanish to be more country-neutral.
Commits on Apr 17, 2015
  1. @LarissaLane
  2. @LarissaLane
  3. @LarissaLane
  4. (DOC-1837) Add lambda scope to scope page

    Nick Fagerlund authored
Commits on Apr 16, 2015
  1. @LarissaLane
  2. @ipeldridge

    (DOC-1889) broken link

    ipeldridge authored
  3. Remove "error" from list of logging statement functions

    Nick Fagerlund authored
    The "error" function doesn't actually exist; the real function is "err," and it
    was omitted from the statement whitelist in 4.0.0 / 3.7.5. PUP-4428 tracks this
    issue, and we'll add "err" to the list in the versions of Puppet where it's
  4. DOCUMENT-326: Fixed typo in an example.

    Jorie Tappa authored
  5. updating squeeze to wheezy.

    Jorie Tappa authored
  6. @pdxmph
  7. @pdxmph
  8. @ahpook

    Merge pull request #493 from richardc/sysreqs_404

    ahpook authored
    (maint) fix 404'ing link from install_linux
  9. @ahpook
  10. @richardc

    (maint) fix 404'ing link from install_linux

    richardc authored
    Reported via irc:
        13:32:36      rnelson0 | eric0 or anyone else from PL, it looks like is still a 404
        14:48:07           _rc | rnelson0: where's it linked to from?
        14:49:00      rnelson0 |
  11. (DOC-1853) Document chained function calls

    Nick Fagerlund authored
    This is also in lieu of the remainder of commit 8ebcc8c.
    These edits include a link to a page that doesn't currently exist
    (future_lang_lambdas.html). That's coming next.
Commits on Apr 15, 2015
  1. @jtappa

    Merge pull request #492 from joshcooper/maint/master/windows-install

    jtappa authored
    Update windows install
  2. @joshcooper

    (maint) Update install windows

    joshcooper authored
    * Fix broken link to pre install instructions, it's `./install_pre.html`
    * Remove link to PE since we don't mention that when installing Linux agents.
    * Clarify that either x64 or x86 puppet can be installed on 64-bit
      Windows 2008 and up, though the former is recommended, and that x86
      puppet is required for all versions of 2003.
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