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Puppet Specifications

This repository contains specifications for the project Puppet, and related technologies.

Puppet Language Specification

The Puppet Programming Language Specification is a specification of the Puppet Programming Language. The first published release of this specification specifies the language version 4.

The version 4.0.0 is the first version of the specification (this to make it harmonize with the 4.0.0 release of Puppet). From that point, the intention is to keep the same specification version even if the minor version of the implementation changes (i.e. for other reasons that the specification has changed). When a specification change is made, it may skip several numbers to again harmonize with the Puppet implementation version number.

Until Puppet 4.0 was released, there was just the "current" and "future" implementations of the language. As time goes on it will be impossible to use only those words as their meaning is relative to a particular release of puppet (the future in 3.6 is not the same as the future in 3.7, and again not the same as current in 4.0) - hence the need for a separate version of the specification.

The Puppet Project is the reference implementation of the specification.

Semantic Versioning

The specifications follows semantic versioning with the following semantics:

  • The micro version contains corrections, clarifications of the specification. All implementation of the specification that are compliant with the same minor version are also compliant with all micro versions of the same minor version.
  • The minor versions contains changes that are non breaking. But an implementation that is compliant with a previous minor versions is not automatically compliant with all future minor versions for the same major version.
  • The major versions contains changes that are breaking. An implementation that is compliant with an earlier major version can not be compliant with a major specification change. (It may offser compliance with multiple versions of the specification via the use of feature flags).