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Commits on Mar 27, 2015
  1. @MikaelSmith

    Merge pull request #3745 from kylog/acceptance-yaml-cleanup

    MikaelSmith authored
Commits on Mar 26, 2015
  1. @kylog

    Merge branch 'stable'

    kylog authored
Commits on Mar 25, 2015
  1. @kylog
  2. @kylog
Commits on Mar 23, 2015
  1. @stahnma

    Merge pull request #3743 from shrug/ticket/master/re-4183

    stahnma authored
    (re-4183)(packaging) Update Windows builds to openssl 1.0.0r
  2. @stahnma

    Merge pull request #3744 from shrug/ticket/stable/re-4183

    stahnma authored
    (re-4183)(packaging) Update Windows builds to openssl 1.0.0r
  3. @thallgren

    Merge pull request #3730 from er0ck/acceptance/master/PUP-4232-accept…

    thallgren authored
    (PUP-4232) add acceptance: lookup function
Commits on Mar 22, 2015
  1. @kylog

    (maint) Cleanup yaml formatting in node configs

    kylog authored
    This is no functional change, but for easier diffing with
    yaml files in hiera/facter which were built using ruby's
    yaml library, this touches up the yaml formatting.
    This change was from:
    Dir.glob('./*.yaml') do |f|
      config = YAML.load_file(f), 'w') { |f| YAML.dump(config, f) }
Commits on Mar 21, 2015
  1. @kylog

    (PUP-4279) Add Debian 8 and Ubuntu 14.10 configs

    kylog authored
    The vmpooler template names match what's in the pooler for those
    two platforms. Beaker hasn't added 'jessie' and 'utopic' to its
    platform logic yet, so the platform names here assume the current
    beaker platform naming convention.
Commits on Mar 20, 2015
  1. @shrug
  2. @shrug
  3. (PUP-4232) acceptance lookup function

    Eric Thompson authored
    add a test that looks up fully qualified data from another module
Commits on Mar 19, 2015
  1. @joshcooper

    Merge branch 'pr/3723'

    joshcooper authored
    * pr/3723:
      (PUP-4195) Remove Ubuntu Lucid config
      (PUP-4195) Clean up config files
      (PUP-4195) Update node configuration for release
  2. @kylog

    Merge pull request #3733 from hunner/fix_device_spec

    kylog authored
    (PUP-4190) Catch exit in device spec
  3. @hunner

    (PUP-4190) Catch exit in device spec

    hunner authored
    The PR for PUP-4032 added exits to the code, and the PR for PUP-4190
    added tests that didn't catch the exits. This should dovetail the two
    and make specs pass again.
Commits on Mar 18, 2015
  1. @branan

    Merge pull request #3706 from hunner/fix/stable/unleak_device_passwords

    branan authored
    (PUP-4190) Don't display credentials in output
  2. @branan

    Merge pull request #3633 from hunner/fix/stable/device_exitcodes

    branan authored
    (PUP-4032) Fix exitcodes on puppet device
  3. @hlindberg

    Merge pull request #3701 from thallgren/issue/pup-4081/lookup-qualifi…

    hlindberg authored
    (PUP-4081) lookup in module when looking up qualified names
  4. @MikaelSmith

    (PUP-4195) Remove Ubuntu Lucid config

    MikaelSmith authored
    Packages for Ubuntu Lucid will no longer be provided, so the test config
    is being removed.
  5. @MikaelSmith

    (PUP-4195) Clean up config files

    MikaelSmith authored
    Remove unmaintained config files; i.e. all*, foss*, standalone.
    Update naming to specify the platform and architecture, following a
    format similar to template naming.
    Remove `agent` role from the master, as testing the agent role is
    covered in a specific config.
  6. @kylog

    Merge pull request #3700 from shanemadden/stable-pup-3931

    kylog authored
    (PUP-3931) Change systemd KillMode to process for agent
  7. @kylog

    Merge pull request #3712 from stahnma/

    kylog authored
    (PUP-4199) Add codedir to ARGV in example
  8. (PUP-4232) add acceptance: lookup function

    Eric Thompson authored
    This change adds acceptance tests for the agnostic data lookup()
    function provided for puppet 4x.
    The tests include baseline functionality for testing round-tripping of
    data from environments, modules, and hiera through implied class
    parameter lookups and calling lookup() directly.
    This change does not test the various data types that are enabled in
    lookup(), hiera, etc.  These are well covered in the unit tests.
  9. @hlindberg

    (PUP-4133) Update test expecting now changed error class

    hlindberg authored
    As a consequence of grammar changes, an error is now delivered
    as a Puppet::ParseError instead of an ArgumentError expected by
    the now updated test.
  10. @hlindberg

    Merge branch 'stable'

    hlindberg authored
  11. @hlindberg

    (PUP-4133) Backport tests from master for illegal name

    hlindberg authored
    A pending test was made real on master. This test is now
    backported to stable - checking illegal class names.
  12. @hlindberg

    (PUP-4133) Add CLASSREF to classname in grammar for better error

    hlindberg authored
    Before this commit, a class or define given with an upper
    case segment would result in a syntax error instead of a
    more specific unacceptable name error.
  13. @hlindberg

    (maint) Fix failing spec tests after merge

    hlindberg authored
    There was a problem with a missing rule in the grammar that
    led to tests added on master to fail.
    This also removes a pending injector/binder test and changes
    a should to expect.
  14. @hlindberg

    Merge branch 'stable'

    hlindberg authored
  15. @hlindberg

    Merge pull request #3707 from hkenney/issue/stable/PUP-4133_fix_inter…

    hlindberg authored
    (PUP-4133) Fix interpolation for variables with leading underscore
  16. @hlindberg

    Merge branch 'stable'

    hlindberg authored
  17. @hlindberg

    Merge pull request #3718 from peterhuene/pup/4205

    hlindberg authored
    (PUP-4205) Fix syntax error in heredoc support.
  18. @hlindberg

    Merge branch 'stable'

    hlindberg authored
    	Resolved in favor of MASTER
  19. @hlindberg

    Merge pull request #3726 from nfagerlund/mar2015_environment_timeout

    hlindberg authored
    (PUP-4094) Update environment_timeout default in example environment.conf
  20. @hlindberg

    Merge pull request #3727 from nfagerlund/mar2015_environment_timeout_375

    hlindberg authored
    (PUP-4094) Update description of environment_timeout in defaults.rb
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