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Commits on Aug 3, 2012
  1. @jeffmccune
  2. @jeffmccune

    Make the example in CONTRIBUTING imperative and concrete

    jeffmccune authored
    Without this patch applied the example commit message in the CONTRIBUTING
    document is not a concrete example.  This is a problem because the
    contributor is left to imagine what the commit message should look like
    based on a description rather than an example.  This patch fixes the
    problem by making the example concrete and imperative.
    The first line is a real life imperative statement with a ticket number
    from our issue tracker.  The body describes the behavior without the patch,
    why this is a problem, and how the patch fixes the problem when applied.
  3. @jeffmccune

    Add HOWTO hint on topic branches in CONTRIBUTING

    jeffmccune authored
    Without this patch it's not very clear how to create a topic branch.
    This has been a problem in the past because we often get pull requests
    from the master branch to the master branch which can be confusing when
    working outside of the GitHub Web UI.
    This patch addresses the problem by providing a concrete example of how
    to create a reasonable topic branch and start using it with two
  4. @jeffmccune

    (Maint) Whitespace cleanup of

    jeffmccune authored
    Just noticed some whitespace errors.  This is a whitespace only change
    that removes trailing whitespace from
  5. @zaphod42

    (Maint) Simplify

    zaphod42 authored
    The previous was verbose and prone to change as branches
    changed. After discussion on puppet-dev I've cut it down a lot and changed the
    policy for which branch to target to be a "prefer master" policy where it is up
    to the merger to make sure it will go on the right branch.
Commits on Jul 31, 2012
  1. @zaphod42

    (Maint) Remove reference to Patchwork

    zaphod42 authored
    The patchwork system hasn't been used for a while and doesn't appear to
    be available anymore. This removes the reference to it.
Commits on Jul 26, 2012
  1. @HAIL9000

    Replace "the short version" with outline

    HAIL9000 authored
    Previously, the short version/checklist at the beginning did not line
    up with the rest of the document, and was presenting information in 
    a confusing order. Now it reflects the way the information is organized
    in the larger document, and serves as a good checklist for going through
    the process. 
Commits on Jul 25, 2012
  1. @HAIL9000


    HAIL9000 authored
  2. @HAIL9000

    (Maint) Remove some more ambiguity

    HAIL9000 authored
    Remove the pieces of the document that say we support email and
    Redmine patches, instead of just saying that we strongly
    discourage these. Also change the places where we say "we recommend"
    when what we really mean is "we require". Lastly, make a few small
    changes that were brought up on the PR.
Commits on Jul 23, 2012
  1. @HAIL9000

    (Maint) Be more honest about submission methods

    HAIL9000 authored
    While makes it clear that GitHub is the best method
    for submitting changes, it's important that we be honest about the
    fact that Redmine and email patches have a tendency to get lost
    (sometimes forever). Hopefuly this change will encourage people
    even more to use GitHub as apposed to other methods of contributing.
  2. @HAIL9000

    (Maint) Clarify that Redmine tickets are mandatory

    HAIL9000 authored
    Prior to this commit, it was unclear if it was required to have
    a Redmine ticket before submitting a pull request. Now it is clear
    that this is a requirement in order to help us keep track of
    Also add details about looking for already existing tickets that
    are either duplicates or related. This should help with the issue
    of having tons of tickets all related to one bigger issue which
    cannot be tracked easily.
  3. @HAIL9000

    (Maint) Clarify which branches changes should be based on

    HAIL9000 authored
    Priror to this commit, did not reflect our current
    process in regards to where changes should be targeted. Now it is
    clear on these issues so that it will be easier for community
    members to target their submissions to the right location, and
    prevent us from frequently having to kick back pull requests that
    need to be rebased and retargeted.
Commits on Aug 3, 2011
  1. Add document outlining preferred contribution methods

    Jacob Helwig authored
    We have historically had the preferred contribution process on the
    Redmine wiki, however this is not obvious to people that don't already
    know it is there.  By adding this document to the repository itself,
    it becomes much easier for new contributors to find what the preferred
    contribution methods are.
    By having the preferred contribution method in the repository also
    means that it becomes a "curated" document, which must go through the
    same submission/review process that other changes to the repositories
    go through.
    Reviewed-by: Nick Fagerlund <>
    Reviewed-by: Nick Lewis <>
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