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Commits on Feb 17, 2015
  1. @haus @joshcooper

    (PUP-3632) Also install puppet.conf in install.rb

    haus authored joshcooper committed
    Previously install.rb only installed the auth.conf example, but now that
    puppet.conf has moved into conf/, that also needs to be installed via
    install.rb. This commit adds puppet.conf to the list of configfile to be
Commits on Dec 19, 2012
  1. @haus

    Warn when using --[no-]tests flags in install.rb

    haus authored
    The tests flag isn't functional anymore, as there are no tests in the test
    directory to run. This commit adds a warning for users of the tests flag that
    the flag is useless. It also changes the default value for the tests flag to
    false and promises that we will remove the flag entirely in the future.
Commits on Nov 29, 2012
  1. @haus

    Remove nonexistent files from the rdoc glob

    haus authored
    CHANGELOG, TODO, Install, README and README-library don't exist anymore (if
    they ever did), so this commit removes them from the rdoc glob while globbing
    all of the current READMEs that are in puppet.
  2. @haus

    (maint) Remove unused tests bits from install.rb

    haus authored
    There are no tests in the test directory in Puppet past 3.0, so the run_tests
    method and the tests globs are no longer needed. This commit removes those
    mentions of tests from install.rb.
  3. @haus

    (#17853) Allow install.rb to execute from outside of source root

    haus authored
    Previously if install.rb was invoked when outside of the source root, all of
    the globs would fail to find bins, libs, etc, or worse if run from / it will
    find the binaries in /bin and copy them to bindir. This commit addresses that
    by running the install after cding into the directory containing the install.rb
Commits on Sep 21, 2012
  1. @haus

    Remove svn specific code from install.rb

    haus authored
    We no longer need to exclude .svn files from puppet, as it is now using git.
  2. @haus

    Add --ruby flag to install.rb

    haus authored
    If the ruby used to install puppet isn't the ruby desired to execute puppet,
    this flag will allow users and packages to set their own ruby. This is
    particularly useful when working with ruby and alternatives.
  3. @haus

    Replace Config::CONFIG with RbConfig::CONFIG

    haus authored
    Config has been deprecated in favor of RbConfig, so this replaces all
    occurences of Config with RbConfig.
  4. @haus

    Remove sbin references from install.rb

    haus authored
    In 3.x, all sbin files were removed, so install.rb no longer needs to reference
    those variables or accept those flags. This commit removes the --sbindir flag
    as well as all other mention of sbin.
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