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Ticket/2.7.x/12101 reapply autoload #611

merged 2 commits into from Apr 10, 2012

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This adds shared contexts in rspec for stubbing out platform specific path behavior.

This was backed out once before, because we didn't have a recent enough rspec in our tests. It requires rspec >= 2.6. We've updated our rspec and it should work now.

pcarlisle added some commits Jan 23, 2012
@pcarlisle pcarlisle (#12101) Add shared context for specs to imitate windows or posix
Add "windows" and "posix" shared contexts to rspec. If you give :as_platform
=> :posix or :as_platform => :windows as argument to a describe block, it will
automatically stub the relevant facts and path behavior to imitate windows or
@pcarlisle pcarlisle (#12101) Make Puppet::Util::absolute_path? usable in autoloader
This makes Puppet::Util::absolute_path? check File::ALT_SEPARATOR to determine
path behavior of the local system instead of Puppet.features, which required
having an Autoload instance already. File::ALT_SEPARATOR is only defined on
systems with Windows path behavior, and the Ruby standard library uses this
frequently to distinguish systems.
@daniel-pittman daniel-pittman merged commit 04545eb into puppetlabs:2.7.x Apr 10, 2012
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