fix master acceptance tests #621

merged 4 commits into from Apr 5, 2012

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This pull request addresses the following tickets:

13584: re: puppet master sometimes swallowing errors during startup in daemon mode

13588: re: invalid permissions for log dir

13510: re: an acceptance test that was failing due to the removal of the default to 'apply' when not specifying a subcommand

it also fixes a couple of other acceptance tests that had been masked by the recent startup failures.

These changes have gone through acceptance testing here:

and spec testing here:

cprice404 added some commits Apr 3, 2012
@cprice404 cprice404 (#13588) fix permissions on log dir
When running puppet master as root, the log dir needs to
be permissioned as the service user (usually 'puppet').
This behavior had been inadvertently changed in the
work relating to #7749, but is fixed herein.
@cprice404 cprice404 fix acceptance test that was relying on implicit 'apply'
As of Telly, we will no longer support the behavior of
puppet defaulting to 'apply' if you do not provide a
subcommand explicitly.  This commit fixes a test that
was relying on that behavior.
@cprice404 cprice404 (#13584) in daemon mode, master can swallow errors during startup
This commit delays the closing of stdin/stdout/stderr to a time
a little later in the daemon startup process, in hopes of providing
a larger window in which the console is available as a fallback for
logging errors.
@cprice404 cprice404 fix pluginsync acceptance tests dbb8e72
@slippycheeze slippycheeze merged commit b19931a into master Apr 5, 2012
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