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(PUP-4777) Allow hiera 3 as a puppet dependency

Previously, installing puppet from source or a gem would refuse to use
hiera 3, even though that is the combination that will be included in
puppet-agent 1.2.0.

This commit allows puppet to use hiera 3 as a dependency. Bundler uses
the Gemfile to resolve dependencies when running puppet from source. Our
gem packaging tasks use ext/project_data.yaml when building puppet as a
gem. This way if you gem install puppet, its runtime dependencies will
also be installed. The .gemspec is special, because it only used when
other code, e.g. module, has a dependency on puppet and is running
against a source checkout of puppet (as opposed to a puppet gem).
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@joshcooper joshcooper authored
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autotest Removed extra whitespace from end of lines
debian (PUP-4388) Remove START option from /etc/default/puppet on Debian
emacs (PUP-3372) Remove extlookup from emacs keywords
freebsd Move all packaging artifacts from conf to ext
gentoo (PUP-3632) Update initscripts for AIO pathing changes
ips (PUP-3632) Update and unify default puppet.conf settings
ldap Fix #2677 Proper OIDs on puppet.schema for LDAP
logcheck Fixed #4706 - logcheck patterns
nagios (maint) Enable rubocop checking for shadowed variables
osx (PUP-4532) Add launchd plist for use with OSX AIO
puppetlisten (PUP-2909) rubocop - when _: is no longer valid syntax
pure_ruby_dsl Code smell: Two space indentation
rack (PUP-4199) Add codedir to ARGV in example
redhat (packaging) (re-4770) Update init script to ignore old/incorrect sysc…
regexp_nodes (PUP-3521) Fix Puppet's exception swallowing
solaris (PUP-3632) Update initscripts for AIO pathing changes
suse (packaging) (re-4770) Update init script to ignore old/incorrect sysc…
systemd (maint) Remove puppetmaster.service
vim (maint) Don't color numbers in class names
windows (PUP-3376) Log critical errors at the error level
README.environment (PUP-3809) Move code directories to /etc/puppetlabs/code
build_defaults.yaml (PUP-4410) decrease build targets
cert_inspector maint: First draft of cert inspector
dbfix.sql Removed extra whitespace from end of lines
envpuppet Make envpuppet run under sh
envpuppet.bat (maint) add hiera to ext/envpuppet path and libpath
project_data.yaml (PUP-4777) Allow hiera 3 as a puppet dependency
puppet-nm-dispatcher Fixup to NetworkManager dispatcher to be compatible with systemd
puppet-test (PUP-405) Remove active-record specific test in puppet-test
upload_facts.rb (maint) Banish "configuration parameter"
yaml_nodes.rb Fixed #5684 - Move to Apache 2.0 license


This is an example environment directory. The environment's modules can be
placed in a "modules" subdirectory. The environments initial manifests are
placed in a "manifests" subdirectory. By default the environment also has any
modules that are installed globally (normally in /etc/puppetlabs/code/modules) for the
puppet master.

For more information see
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