McdonaldSeanp Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/5.5.x'
* upstream/5.5.x:
  (packaging) Updating the puppet.pot file
  (packaging) Updating the puppet.pot file
  (PUP-5475) Add acceptance tests for mixed UTF-8 and JP names
  (maint) Remove commented out code
  (PUP-5475) Add acceptance tests for windows wait hint expiration
  (PUP-5475) Add acceptance tests for the Windows service provider
  (PUP-5475) Update service provider to use new Windows::Service utils
  (PUP-5475) Add Puppet::Util::Windows::Service
  (maint) Fix Ruby warning for `def [] (typed_name)` in loader.rb
  (PUP-6964) Refactor where return from 3x func is converted
  (PUP-6964) Make the 4x wrapped 3x func bypass dispatcher in call
  (PUP-6964) Change what looks like unary '-' to binary '-' - (warning)
  (PUP-6964) Make 4.x loaders load 3.x functions
  (PUP-6964) Correct failing tests
  (PUP-6994) Drop warning and debugging checks that are now moot
  (PUP-6964) Remove special handling of --tasks in loaders
  (PUP-6964) Make modules see all other modules with dependencies first
Latest commit 9d8acb6 Sep 12, 2018