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Querying nodes is accomplished by making an HTTP request to the /nodes REST endpoint with a JSON-formatted parameter called query.

Query format

  • The HTTP method must be GET.

  • There must be an Accept header specifying application/json.

The query parameter is a similar format to resource queries.

Only queries against facts and filters based on node activeness are currently supported.

These terms must be of the form ["fact", <fact name>] or ["node", "active"], respectively.

Accepted operators are: [= > < >= <= and or not]

Inequality operators are strictly arithmetic, and will ignore any fact values which are not numeric.

Note that nodes which are missing a fact referenced by a not query will match the query.

This query will return active nodes whose kernel is Linux and whose uptime is less than 30 days:

  ["=", ["node", "active"], true],
  ["=", ["fact", "kernel"], "Linux"],
  [">", ["fact", "uptime_days"], 30]]

If no query parameter is supplied, all nodes will be returned.

Response format

The response is a JSON array of node names matching the predicates, sorted in ascending order:

["", "", ""]

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