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Update changelog for 1.0.1

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1 parent 01d669c commit 4b423d3b791cd22b779e116fdd324a6b632b8d2c @grimradical grimradical committed Oct 8, 2012
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+Many thanks to the following people who contributed patches to this
+* Deepak Giridharagopal
+* Nick Lewis
+* Matthaus Litteken
+* Chris Price
+* (#16180) Properly handle edges between exported resources
+ This was previously failing when an edge referred to an exported
+ resource which was also collected, because it was incorrectly
+ assuming collected resources would always be marked as NOT
+ exported. However, in the case of a node collecting a resource which
+ it also exports, the resource is still marked exported. In that
+ case, it can be distinguished from a purely exported resource by
+ whether it's virtual. Purely virtual, non-exported resources never
+ appear in the catalog.
+ Virtual, exported resources are not collected, whereas non-virtual,
+ exported resources are. The former will eventually be removed from
+ the catalog before being sent to the agent, and thus aren't eligible
+ for participation in a relationship. We now check whether the
+ resource is virtual rather than exported, for correct behavior.
+* (#16535) Properly find edges that point at an exec by an alias
+ During namevar aliasing, we end up changing the :alias parameter to
+ 'alias' and using that for the duration (to distinguish "our"
+ aliases form the "original" aliases). However, in the case of exec,
+ we were bailing out early because execs aren't isomorphic, and not
+ adding 'alias'. Now we will always change :alias to 'alias', and
+ just won't add the namevar alias for execs.
+* (#16407) Handle trailing slashes when creating edges for file
+ resources
+ We were failing to create relationships (edges) to File resources if
+ the relationship was specified with a different number of trailing
+ slashes in the title than the title of the original resource.
+* (#16652) Replace dir with specific files for terminus package
+ Previously, the files section claimed ownership of Puppet's libdir,
+ which confuses rpm when both packages are installed. This commit
+ breaks out all of the files and only owns one directory, which
+ clearly belongs to puppetdb. This will allow rpm to correctly
+ identify files which belong to puppet vs puppetdb-terminus.
The 1.0.0 release contains no changes from 0.11.0 with the exception

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