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PDB-113 Remove swank
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  3. +1 −6 src/com/puppetlabs/repl.clj
@@ -555,14 +555,12 @@ Set to `true` to enable the REPL. Defaults to false.
### `type`
-Either `nrepl` or `swank` or `telnet`.
+Either `nrepl` or `telnet`.
The _telnet_ repl type opens up a socket you can connect to via telnet. The interface is pretty low-level and raw (no completion or command history), but it is nonetheless usable on just about any system without the need of any external tools other than telnet itself.
The _nrepl_ repl type opens up a socket you can connect to via any nrepl-protocol client, such as via [Leiningen]( using `lein repl :connect localhost:8082` or via Emacs (via `M-x nrepl`), Vim, or integration with other editors like Netbeans or Eclipse. This is much more user-friendly than telnet.
-The _swank_ type allows emacs' clojure-mode to connect directly to a running PuppetDB instance by using `M-x slime-connect`. This is not recommended, as the upstream Swank project has been deprecated in favor of nrepl.
### `port`
The port to use for the REPL.
@@ -33,7 +33,6 @@
[org.clojure/tools.logging "0.2.6"]
[org.clojure/tools.nrepl "0.2.3"]
[puppetlabs/tools.namespace ""]
- [swank-clojure "1.4.3"]
[vimclojure/server "2.3.6" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]
[clj-stacktrace "0.2.6"]
[metrics-clojure "0.7.0" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure org.slf4j/slf4j-api]]
@@ -2,8 +2,7 @@
(:import [vimclojure.nailgun NGServer])
(:require [clojure.string :as string]
[ :as nrepl]
- [ :as nrepl-transport]
- [swank.swank :as swank]))
+ [ :as nrepl-transport]))
(defmulti start-repl
"Starts and instance of the specified `kind` of REPL, listening on `host` and
@@ -19,10 +18,6 @@
[kind host port]
(nrepl/start-server :bind host :port port))
-(defmethod start-repl "swank"
- [kind host port]
- (swank/start-server :host host :port port))
(defmethod start-repl "vimclojure"
[kind host port]
(vimclojure.nailgun.NGServer/main (into-array String [(str host ":" port)])))

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