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Hiera Example

This example demonstrates a simple approach to pulling common data out of your manifests and into Hiera.


For this example we're creating a single instance and security group, using AMI and region details stored in the Hiera YAML file at hieradata/common.yaml.

             | +---------+ |
             | |         | |
 hiera-test  | | hiera-1 | |
             | |         | |
             | +---------+ |

Feel free to change the details in the YAML file to other AMIs and regions.


With the module installed as described in the README, from this directory run:

puppet apply init.pp --test --hiera_config hiera.yaml

This should create an instance and security group. You can delete them with the puppet resource commands when done.

puppet resource ec2_instance hiera-1 region=us-west-1 ensure=absent
puppet resource ec2_securitygroup hiera-test region=us-west-1 ensure=absent


This example uses explicit calls to the Hiera function in the manifests. In your own manifests you could use data binding and parameterized classes to achieve the same ends.

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