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This example demonstrates using the Route53 resources to manage DNS records.


For this example we'll create a Zone, along with an A record and a TXT record. We'll also show how to list current records of the supported types.

The Zone we're creating is for, although when you run the example you may want to change that to your own domain.


With the module installed as described in the README, from this directory run:

puppet apply init.pp --test

This should create a Route53 zone, an A record for pointing to and a TXT record.

You should be see the zone when you run:

puppet resource route53_zone

This should output the following, maybe along with other domains you're already managing.

route53_zone { '':
  ensure => 'present',

To list the A records:

puppet resource route53_a_record

Which should return:

route53_a_record { '':
  ensure => 'present',
  ttl    => '3000',
  values => [''],
  zone   => '',

We can also list the automatically created NS record and a TXT record with:

puppet resource route53_ns_record
puppet resource route53_txt_record

Which should output something like:

route53_ns_record { '':
  ensure => 'present',
  ttl    => '172800',
  values => ['', '', '', ''],
  zone   => '',


route53_txt_record { '':
  ensure => 'present',
  ttl    => '17200',
  values => ['"message"'],
  zone   => '',

Finally, we can delete all the records followed by the zone:

puppet apply delete.pp --test
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