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A virtual private cloud (VPC) is a virtual network that closely resembles a traditional network that you'd operate in your own data center. The AWS Puppet module allows for describing the various moving parts of VPC in the Puppet DSL. This can be useful for creating and sharing duplicate environments or alternatively as part of an audit mechanism to ensure your VPC configuration is as intended.


For this example we're going to create a VPC, a subnet, a route table, and an internet gateway. This broadly follows the getting started example from the official Amazon documentation.

As a separate example we'll also look at managing a VPN connection to AWS from your internal infrastructure.


With the module installed as described in the README, from this directory run:

puppet apply init.pp --test

This should create the resources discussed above in the AWS example. Once complete you should be able to observe the VPC and associated resources via the AWS console as shown in the example. Alternatively, you can use the puppet resource CLI to show resources.

> puppet resource ec2_vpc sample-vpc
ec2_vpc { 'sample-vpc':
  ensure           => 'present',
  cidr_block       => '',
  instance_tenancy => 'default',
  region           => 'sa-east-1',

Once finished you can delete the created resources with the bundled manifest like so:

puppet apply destroy.pp --test

The module also supports resources for the AWS VPN, including for VPN gateways and customer gateways. The following example will create the relevant resources, but for a working VPN connection you would need to provide the BGP ASN and IP address of your VPN gateway. To demonstate the manifests, run:

puppet apply vpn.pp --test

You can see these created via the console or the puppet resource commands. When finished you can delete the created resources with:

puppet apply vpn_destroy.pp --test


VPC is complex and contains a large number of moving parts. Currently the module has some support for the following:

  • VPC
  • DHCP option sets
  • Subnets
  • Route tables
  • Internet gateways
  • VPN gateways
  • Customer gateways
  • VPN

We would love to see examples of common VPC setups described using the Puppet DSL, so please do submit additional examples as pull requests.

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