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Puppet Cloud Provisioner

Puppet Module to launch and manage Cloud instances.

This module requires Puppet 2.7.2 or later.

Getting Started

Reporting Issues

Please report any problems you have with the Cloud Provisioner module in the project page issue tracker at:

Building the Module

The Puppet Module Tool may be used to build an installable package of this Puppet Module.

$ puppet-module build
Building /Users/jeff/src/modules/cloud-provisioner for release
Done. Built: pkg/puppetlabs-cloud-provisioner-0.0.1git-95-g6541187.tar.gz

To install the packaged module:

$ cd <modulepath> (usually /etc/puppet/modules)
$ puppet-module install ~/src/modules/cloud-provisioner/pkg/puppetlabs-cloud-provisioner-0.0.1git-95-g6541187.tar.gz
Installed "puppetlabs-cloud-provisioner-0.0.1git-95-g6541187.tar.gz" into directory: cloud-provisioner
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