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puppet-cups module

User Guide


This type provides the ability to manage cups printers and options.


  • It currently does not support classes.
  • It currently does not set default printers.

This document is loosely based upon puppetlabs-firewall README, so credit to the maintainers of puppetlabs-firewall for establishing the format.


This module should be checked out or otherwise copied into your modulepath.

If you are not sure where your module path is try this command:

puppet --configprint modulepath

This module uses Ruby based providers so your Puppet configuration (ie. puppet.conf) must include the following items:

pluginsync = true

The module will not operate normally without these features enabled for the client.


The most basic printer install possible:

printer { "Basic_Printer":
    ensure      => present,
    uri         => "lpd://hostname/printer_a",
    description => "This is the printer description",
    ppd         => "/Library/Printers/PPDs/Printer.ppd", # PPD file will be autorequired

Removing the printer "Basic_Printer" from the previous example:

printer { "Basic_Printer":
    ensure      => absent,

More advanced install using most of the available properties:

printer { "Extended_Printer":
    ensure      => present,
    uri         => "lpd://localhost/printer_a",
    description => "This is the printer description",
    location    => "Main office",
    ppd         => "/Library/Printers/PPDs/Printer.ppd", # PPD file will be autorequired
    enabled     => true, # Enabled by default
    shared      => false, # Disabled by default
    options     => { media => 'A4' }, # Hash of options ( name => value )

You can also set a number of default options which will apply to all printers by using the printer_defaults resource. For instance if you wanted to default the media option to 'A4' for all printers:

printer_defaults { "media":
    ensure => present,
    value  => "A4",

You can also set printer_defaults to ensure => absent, if you want the option to be unset.

The module provides access to one additional facter fact "printers", which provides a comma separated list of installed printers.

See the lpadmin(8) manual page for more information on valid device-uri's. You can execute lpoptions -l to list the valid options for the current printer.

For more information refer to the CUPS administrators manual.


Please submit any issues through Github issues as I don't have a dedicated project page for this module.

Developer Guide


You can issue a pull request and send me a message if you like, and I will consider taking the patch upstream :)


The tests are really only basic at the moment.

Make sure you have:


Install the necessary gems:

gem install rspec

And run the tests from the root of the source code:

rake test