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0.3.1 2012-02-14 Nan Liu <>
* f5_external_class supports refresh of external data.
* Fix bug with f5_virtualserver profile_persistence attribute.
0.3.0 2012-01-30 Nan Liu <>
* Add F5 file type/provider support.
* Add F5 profilepersistence type/provider support.
* Add F5 datagroup string_class, external_class support.
* Add spec tests for most f5 types.
* Fix bug with f5 key/certificates where key/cert are bundled in same PEM.
* Fix bug with f5 cert bundles.
* Fix some facts value that were inaccessible.
* Fix F5_profileclientssl iniitialzing f5 device during compilation.
* Update f5::config define type and template to support partition.
* Updatd type documentation to match iControl API documentation.
0.2.0 2011-10-20 Nan Liu <>
* Add F5 partition support.
* Add F5 monitor type/provider support.
* Add contributor documentation.
* Expand F5 virtual server type attributes.
* Improve F5 virtual server provider behavior.
* Change F5 pool monitor_association to a hash instead of array.
0.1.0 2011-9-15 Nan Liu <>
* Initial release.
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