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apenney commented May 21, 2012


I had a previous pull request at #73 (I can't work out how to update this and as I've deleted and reforked my repo it might not even be possible. I am a git idiot.)

I've started from scratch and we can now take pkttype => broadcast, etc as an option.

In the original pull request there were three things to fix and I want to enquire about them before I take the next step to try and add them in:

  • Should accept an array of values.
  • That array needs to be munged into the correct order for IPtables.
  • The rule flaps unless proto => 'all'.

It looks like pkttype can only take a single value at once. Do I still need to make it accept an array? I'm assuming this is something to do with "other, non-iptables firewalls might allow multiple entries." Is that the case? I wanted to be sure before I try to make it an array.

If so I take it I convert the type/ part to take an array and then test and fail in iptables/ip6tables.rb if they try to use an array to protect iptables users?

The second part: The correct order. Is there a correct order for these? I guess I can skip that for now.

The third part: I have no idea what to do about that. :(


apenney commented May 21, 2012

After doing this I wonder - should I change pkttype to packet_type to make this more obvious?


kbarber commented Jun 10, 2012

Looks like this needs rebasing, can you rebase from master and raise this again? Also - I don't see a redmine ticket referenced in this pull request - can you raise a redmine request please?

(under the 'firewall' category).

kbarber closed this Jun 10, 2012

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