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waipeng committed Sep 15, 2017
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@@ -270,10 +270,16 @@ First install the dependent modules into the local environment:
r10k puppetfile install --moduledir code/environments/production/modules
Create an `autosign.conf` file with the following:
Then, from the `examples/master` folder, use Docker to run an instance
of Puppet Server:
docker run --name puppet -P --hostname puppet -v $(pwd)/code:/etc/puppetlabs/code puppet/puppetserver-standalone
docker run --name puppet -P --hostname puppet -v $(pwd)/code:/etc/puppetlabs/code -v $(pwd)/autosign.conf:/etc/puppetlabs/puppet/autosign.conf puppet/puppetserver-standalone
Determine the port on which the Puppet Server is exposed locally:
@@ -286,9 +292,6 @@ and {port} in the following with your own values.
This should use the code on the Puppet Master to build the image.
Note that this currently assumes the requested certificate is autosigned
in some way, expect more guidance on that in the future.
### Minimizing image size with Rocker

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