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This aids installation of Cloudprovisioner plugins.

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lib_puppet module

This module is provides a way to identify lib/puppet path via facter and manage files in that directory.


This is used to work around an issue with puppet face. In the face module symlink files/lib to ../lib

$ tree puppetlabs-demo_face
├── Modulefile
├── files
│   └── lib -> ../lib
├── lib
│   └── puppet
│       ├── application
│       │   └── ...
│       ├── face
│       │   └── ...
│       └── demo_face.rb

In the manifests to push the entire lib directory to lib/puppet:

lib_puppet { 'demo_face.rb':
  ensure => present,

lib_puppet { [ 'application', 'face' ]:
  ensure  => present,
  recurse => true,
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