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This change lets you add an arbiter to the replicaset in this way:

mongodb_replset { 'myrepl':
  ensure => present,
  members => ['host1', 'host2'],
  arbiter => 'arbiter_host:30000',

I'm a newbie dealing with providers and types, so probably the code is not appropriate. I had some problems like i didn't find how or when the setters of new properties are called, so to solve the issue i just called it from line 61.

I guess this is not correct, so if you can guide me about how to solve this issue, it would be great.

apenney commented Apr 10, 2014

I don't think anything in the code is too bad! Our only issue is the lack of tests right now, it's hard to verify that the changes you've made aren't going to cause functional issues. If you look in you can see the existing tests, we'd really appreciate some additional ones around arbiters.

I personally, after months of experience, still find rspec really difficult, so my suggestion is to copy other tests and tweak them, see if you can get something that seems reasonable, and we can review it further from that point.

hunner commented Jul 10, 2014

Looks like this will need a rebase. If you create a topic branch from the current master and commit your code there, then it will be easier to sort out.

It looks like the code has changed a lot since i did my pull request and my code would need a big change to work with latest changes. This was long time ago and i'm not working with mongo at this moment so it will be difficult to find some time to reimplement this and test it.

@hunner hunner referenced this pull request Feb 27, 2015

add arbiter configuration #172

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