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RedHat Mirroring

RedHat Network account information

To automatically generate RedHat repositories, you will need to supply your RHN credentials in the puppet manifests, regrettably in plaintext. This is needed to generate the systemid information. You may want to keep your manifests secured, or alternately generate the systemid on the command line after the fact. If you specify the rhn parameter to mrepo::repo as false, it will not attempt to generate a systemid and you can do that interactively with gensystemid after the mrepo module has been applied.

systemid and entitlements

RHEL mirroring operates by emulating a specific RedHat release and architecture, which will require at least one entitlement. You can also mirror additional channels, but be warned that they may require additional entitlements.

the rhnrelease parameter

Unfortunately there is no regular pattern for release names and available architectures. Validation for this would get prohibitively costly, and has been left as the responsibility of the user. In addition, there is a common convention to mainly differentiate between releases on the major version number. The rhnrelease field was added to mrepo::repo to deal with this complexity.

The rhnrelease and architecture must match the following values in order for a valid systemid to be generated. This list was pulled from the gensystemid command, from mrepo release 8138e3bb6b5aa26cf8db.

  • '6Workstation': 'i386', 'x86_64'
  • '6Server': 'i386', 'ppc', 's390', 's390x', 'x86_64'
  • '6ComputeNode': 'i386', 'ppc', 's390', 's390x', 'x86_64'
  • '6Client': 'i386', 'x86_64'
  • '5Server': 'i386', 'ia64', 'ppc', 's390', 's390x', 'x86_64'
  • '5Client': 'i386', 'ia64', 'x86_64'
  • '4AS': 'i386', 'ia64', 'ppc', 's390', 's390x', 'x86_64'
  • '4ES': 'i386', 'ia64', 'x86_64'
  • '4WS': 'i386', 'ia64', 'x86_64'
  • '4Desktop': 'i386', 'x86_64'
  • '3AS': 'i386', 'ia64', 'ppc', 's390', 's390x', 'x86_64'
  • '3ES': 'i386', 'ia64', 'x86_64'
  • '3WS': 'i386', 'ia64', 'x86_64'
  • '3Desktop': 'i386', 'x86_64'
  • '2.1AS': 'i386', 'ia64'
  • '2.1ES': 'i386'
  • '2.1WS': 'i386'
  • '2.1AW': 'ia64'
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