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Mysql module for Puppet

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This module manages mysql on Linux (RedHat/Debian) distros. A native mysql provider implements database resource type to handle database, database user, and database permission.

Pluginsync needs to be enabled for this module to function properly. Read more about pluginsync in our docs


This module uses the fact osfamily which is supported by Facter 1.6.1+. If you do not have facter 1.6.1 in your environment, the following manifests will provide the same functionality in site.pp (before declaring any node):

if ! $::osfamily {
  case $::operatingsystem {
    'RedHat', 'Fedora', 'CentOS', 'Scientific', 'SLC', 'Ascendos', 'CloudLinux', 'PSBM', 'OracleLinux', 'OVS', 'OEL': {
      $osfamily = 'RedHat'
    'ubuntu', 'debian': {
      $osfamily = 'Debian'
    'SLES', 'SLED', 'OpenSuSE', 'SuSE': {
      $osfamily = 'Suse'
    'Solaris', 'Nexenta': {
      $osfamily = 'Solaris'
    default: {
      $osfamily = $::operatingsystem

This module depends on the creates_resources function which is introduced in Puppet 2.7. Users on puppet 2.6 can use the following module which provides this functionality:

This module is based on work by David Schmitt. The following contributor have contributed patches to this module (beyond Puppet Labs):

  • Christian G. Warden
  • Daniel Black
  • Justin Ellison
  • Lowe Schmidt
  • Matthias Pigulla
  • William Van Hevelingen
  • Michael Arnold



Installs the mysql-client package.

class { 'mysql': }


Installs mysql bindings for java.

class { 'mysql::java': }


Installs mysql bindings for python.

class { 'mysql::python': }


Installs mysql bindings for ruby.

class { 'mysql::ruby': }


Installs mysql-server packages, configures my.cnf and starts mysqld service:

class { 'mysql::server':
  config_hash => { 'root_password' => 'foo' }

Database login information stored in /root/.my.cnf.


Creates a database with a user and assign some privileges.

mysql::db { 'mydb':
  user     => 'myuser',
  password => 'mypass',
  host     => 'localhost',
  grant    => ['all'],


Installs a mysql backup script, cronjob, and priviledged backup user.

class { 'mysql::backup':
  backupuser     => 'myuser',
  backuppassword => 'mypassword',
  backupdir      => '/tmp/backups',

Providers for database types:

MySQL provider supports puppet resources command:

$ puppet resource database
database { 'information_schema':
  ensure  => 'present',
  charset => 'utf8',
database { 'mysql':
  ensure  => 'present',
  charset => 'latin1',

The custom resources can be used in any other manifests:

database { 'mydb':
  charset => 'latin1',

database_user { 'bob@localhost':
  password_hash => mysql_password('foo')

database_grant { 'user@localhost/database':
  privileges => ['all'] ,
  # Or specify individual privileges with columns from the mysql.db table:
  # privileges => ['Select_priv', 'Insert_priv', 'Update_priv', 'Delete_priv']

A resource default can be specified to handle dependency:

Database {
  require => Class['mysql::server'],
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