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Replaced hardcoded path to my.cnf.erb with $config_template #259

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I've recently merged in a very large changeset that completely redesigns this module. As a result I'm afraid this PR is no longer mergeable and possibly no longer valid (sorry, mass message for all PRs) due to the changes to binding and the removal of most of the parameters for my.cnf (as it's handed by an override hash currently).

I'm going to close all existing PRs that can't be merged and ask you to take a look at rebasing them against master or redeveloping them against master if the feature is still important to you. I hope that many of the existing PRs won't be needed in the refactoring!

Thanks for your patience everyone, I know this is pain.

@apenney apenney closed this
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  1. +2 −1 manifests/config.pp
3 manifests/config.pp
@@ -115,6 +115,7 @@
$max_binlog_size = $mysql::max_binlog_size,
$expire_logs_days = $mysql::expire_logs_days,
$max_connections = $mysql::max_connections,
+ $config_template = $mysql::config_template,
$tmp_table_size = 'UNSET',
$max_heap_table_size = 'UNSET',
$table_open_cache = 'UNSET',
@@ -216,7 +217,7 @@
if $manage_config_file {
file { $config_file:
- content => template('mysql/my.cnf.erb'),
+ content => template($config_template),
mode => '0644',
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