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Commits on Apr 24, 2015
  1. @mhaskel

    Merge pull request #182 from cmurphy/remove_setup_classes

    mhaskel authored
    Remove setup classes
  2. @mhaskel

    Merge pull request #181 from cmurphy/eliminate_abstractions

    mhaskel authored
    Eliminate abstractions
  3. @mhaskel

    Merge pull request #178 from cmurphy/erlang

    mhaskel authored
    Use garethr/erlang to install erlang
  4. @mhaskel

    Merge pull request #177 from cmurphy/fix_firewall_deps

    mhaskel authored
    Remove class dependencies from firewall profile
  5. @cmurphy

    Remove openstack::resources::tenant resource

    cmurphy authored
    This abstraction provided no value to the user.
  6. @cmurphy

    Remove openstack::resources::controller class

    cmurphy authored
    This class does not provision any resources, it only does error
    checking. The error checking is restrictive and not very valuable, and
    it hinders reusability. This patch removes the class and all similar
    error checking not contained in the class.
  7. @cmurphy

    Remove openstack::resources::connectors class

    cmurphy authored
    For the most part these strings aren't shared, so this abstraction
    provides little value. It's also a class, not a resource, so it's place
    here is confusing. Just remove it and set up the strings where they
    are used.
  8. @cmurphy

    Remove router and sharednetwork setup classes

    cmurphy authored
    The openstack::setup::router and openstack::setup::sharednetwork
    classes only create two networks and one router with very little
    configuration options. This change moves the network data into the
    example hiera files and uses create_resources on a hash to create as
    many networks, subnets, and routers are the user wants. We move this
    into openstack::profile::neutron::router since these resources will
    always reside on the network node.
  9. @cmurphy

    Merge pull request #184 from cmurphy/iptables

    cmurphy authored
    Remove iptables-services package resource
  10. @cmurphy

    Remove openstack::setup::cirros class

    cmurphy authored
    Having a class that sets up a single hard-coded image is not very
    useful, except for demos. This change moves the image data into the
    example hiera files and uses create_resources on a hash of data to
    create as many images as the user wants. We move this into
    openstack::profile::glance::api since now a one-line function does not
    need its own class.
  11. @cmurphy

    Remove iptables-services package resource

    cmurphy authored
    The firewall module takes care of this for us. Moreover, the fact
    is operatingsystemmajrelease, not operatingsystemmajversion, so this
    was never being applied.
  12. @cmurphy

    Use garethr/erlang to install erlang

    cmurphy authored
    Also remove the erlang repo manifest since the garethr module takes
    care of the repo.
  13. @cmurphy

    Remove class dependencies from firewall profile

    cmurphy authored
    Profiles should be self-contained as much as possible. Removing the
    dependency relationship between the firewallchain resources and the
    repository classes causes no ill effects, plus it simplifies the code
    because it is no longer conditional on osfamily.
Commits on Apr 14, 2015
  1. @hunner

    Merge pull request #167 from cmurphy/fix_fedora

    hunner authored
    Fix fedora
  2. @cmurphy

    Install neutron-server on non-controller nodes

    cmurphy authored
    We declare the neutron::server class on non-controller nodes in order
    to manage some configs needed by agents and routers. We only turn the
    neutron-server service on if the node is a controller. Previously, we
    avoided installing the package if the node was not a controller.
    However, on Ubuntu, the neutron::plugin::ml2 class needs to manage
    /etc/default/neutron-server, which comes from the neutron-server
    package. Also on Ubuntu, the neutron::server class tries to manage the
    neutron-server. Even if it is ensuring it is stopped, it fails if there
    is no startup script for the service. This should be better architected
    to avoid these issues, but the quick fix for now is to add the package
    back onto the nodes by using the default package_ensure parameter for
    the neutron::server class. We still ensure that the service is stopped.
Commits on Apr 12, 2015
  1. @cmurphy

    Merge pull request #166 from cmurphy/fix_ovs

    cmurphy authored
    Don't require that OVS agent run on neutron server
Commits on Apr 8, 2015
  1. @hunner

    Merge pull request #169 from cmurphy/wsgi

    hunner authored
    Enable apache/wsgi setup for keystone API
Commits on Apr 7, 2015
  1. @cmurphy

    Enable apache/wsgi setup for keystone API

    cmurphy authored
    Currently this module only supports using the default eventlet-based
    web server for API services. This is only sustainable in a production
    environment if using another web proxy in front of it, which is not
    included in this module. This patch adds the ability to turn on the
    keystone::wsgi::apache class and use the keystone API with Apache.
    Other notes:
     - SSL is hard-coded to be turned off, since this module doesn't
       support SSL yet. We will fix this later.
     - Since the neutron::server::notifications class was not contained in
       the openstack::common::neutron class, the
       nova_admin_tenant_id_setter may try to authenticate against the
       keystone API before the HTTP service is turned on. We contain it
       within the openstack::common::neutron class with anchors so that the
       ordering of the profile classes is effective.
     - The keystone_use_httpd parameter was added to the openstack base
       class. It attempts a hiera lookup, but defaults to false, which
       signifies that it should not set up Apache.
     - The allinone role declares some setup classes in addition to
       profiles. The cirros setup involves making a keystone API call,
       which will fail if keystone isn't set up yet. We add a relationship
       between the keystone profile and the cirros setup following the
       example of the ceilometer API ordering.
  2. @cmurphy

    Don't require that OVS agent run on neutron server

    cmurphy authored
    Without this patch, the neutron::agents::ml2::ovs class was bundled
    into the openstack::common::ovs class, which was included in the
    neutron server profile. Since the OVS agent is not required to run on
    the neutron server, include it only where it's actually needed.
    To accomplish this, this patch reorganizes the openstack::common::ovs
    class into two classes, openstack::common::ml2 for the ml2 plugin
    class, and openstack::common::ml2::ovs for the ml2 ovs agent, and
    includes openstack::common::ml2 where openstack::common::ovs used to
    be, but only includes the openstack::common::ml2::ovs class where
    Closes #107
Commits on Apr 6, 2015
  1. @cmurphy
  2. @guessi @cmurphy

    Avoid unnecessary setup on some nodes

    guessi authored cmurphy committed
    Only install packages and configure services on nodes that require
    those resources.
  3. @mhaskel

    Merge pull request #170 from cmurphy/vbox

    mhaskel authored
    Use Puppet Labs CentOS 7 vagrant box in examples
  4. @cmurphy

    Remove conditional to stop swift proxy service

    cmurphy authored
    The defined function is not able to detect whether any resources have
    been collected in order to conditionally turn on the swift-proxy
    service once the ring resources exist, which was the intention of this
    section. The defined function instead is only able to check if the type
    is loadable, and always returned true since the ring resources are
    valid types. This commit removes that section since it was just a noop.
Commits on Apr 1, 2015
  1. @cmurphy

    Merge pull request #168 from cmurphy/swift_example

    cmurphy authored
    Use puppetdb in swift example
  2. @cmurphy

    Use puppetdb in swift example

    cmurphy authored
    PuppetDB is required to run swift, so make sure it's installed in the
  3. @cmurphy

    Use Puppet Labs CentOS 7 vagrant box in examples

    cmurphy authored
    The Puppet Labs has multiple providers, so it is more accessible for
    trying out the examples.
    We're pinning the version to 1.0.0 because 1.0.1 seems to have issues
    with its networking interfaces.
    Additionally, this vagrant box comes with firewalld enabled and many
    firewall rules. Firewalld responds to iptables-save which confuses the
    firewall iptables provider and causes errors on the first round of
    puppet runs, even if disabling firewalld is puppet's first change.
    Because of this, we add a command to the deployment script to stop
    firewalld before running puppet so that puppet succeeds on the first
Commits on Mar 31, 2015
  1. @cmurphy
  2. @cmurphy

    Reorganize yum_refresh

    cmurphy authored
    Without this patch, the yum_refresh class was only added for
    CentOS/RedHat systems and not Fedora systems because it was being
    included in the same class as epel. Since yum_refresh has nothing to do
    with epel and since yum_refresh is applicable to Fedora, this patch
    moves the yum_refresh inclusion to the repo class and does ordering
    within the yum_refresh class instead of for just the rdo repo.
  3. @cmurphy

    Don't install erlang yum repo on Fedora

    cmurphy authored
    Erlang-solutions does not have a yum repo for fedora 20-21, but the
    Fedora repos already have an up-to-date version of erlang, so don't try
    to install a new repo.
Commits on Mar 25, 2015
  1. @cmurphy
  2. @cmurphy

    Merge branch 'pr_165'

    cmurphy authored
    Closes #165
  3. @jiasir @cmurphy

    Change R10K to r10k

    jiasir authored cmurphy committed
    When using ```R10K``` we got the error ```Could not find a valid gem 'R10K' (>= 0) in any repository```. Change ```R10K``` to ```r10k``` can be installed.
Commits on Feb 19, 2015
  1. @cmurphy

    Fix keystone::endpoint urls

    cmurphy authored
Commits on Feb 17, 2015
  1. @mhaskel

    Merge pull request #159 from cmurphy/fixups

    mhaskel authored
  2. @cmurphy

    Replace *_address params for keystone::endpoint

    cmurphy authored
    The public_address, internal_address, and admin_address parameters were
    removed in keystone at 29b68753316c7ceeb0a6ece98b686c216968a3dd. This
    commit replaces our usage of those parameters with the new *_url
    parameters, using the old default scheme, port, and path to maintain
    current functionality.
    Eventually this should be replaced by configurable URL parameters.
    However, the address parameters are scattered throughout the
    module, care needs to be taken to address this with consistency. This
    patch fixes it just enough so that it compiles when using the master
    branch of the modules.
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