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cmurphy commented Apr 17, 2015

Some of these commits will get cherry-picked into their own pull requests, but this WIP indicates where we're heading.

Colleen Murphy added some commits Apr 17, 2015

Colleen Murphy Remove class dependencies from firewall profile
Profiles should be self-contained, not interdependent. Removing the
dependency relationship between the firewallchain resources and the
repository classes causes no ill effects, plus it simplifies the code
because it is no longer conditional on osfamily.
Colleen Murphy Use garethr/erlang to install erlang
Also remove the erlang repo manifest since the garethr module takes
care of the repo.
Colleen Murphy Use openstack_extras::auth_file instead of our own
The work is already done for us, so we just add openstack_extras
as a dependency and use that instead of openstack::resources::auth_file.
Colleen Murphy Update ssh module to v2.5.0
The latest ssh version has bugfixes and is compatible with our needs.

We don't need to update the metadata because the swift module pulls
this in.
Colleen Murphy Use openstack_extras::repo instead of our own
The openstack_extras repo can take care of installing epel/RDO and UCA
for us.
Colleen Murphy Remove openstack::resources::connectors class
For the most part these strings aren't shared, so this abstraction
provides little value. It's also a class, not a resource, so it's place
here is confusing. Just remove it and set up the strings where they
are used.
Colleen Murphy Remove openstack::resources::controller class
This class does not provision any resources, it only does error
checking. The error checking is restrictive and not very valuable, and
it hinders reusability. This patch removes the class and all similar
error checking not contained in the class.
Colleen Murphy Remove openstack::setup::cirros class
Having a class that sets up a single hard-coded image is not very
useful, except for demos. This change moves the image data into the
example hiera files and uses create_resources on a hash of data to
create as many images as the user wants. We move this into
openstack::profile::glance::api since now a one-line function does not
need its own class.
Colleen Murphy Remove router and sharednetwork setup classes
The openstack::setup::router and openstack::setup::sharednetwork
classes only create two networks and one router with very little
configuration options. This change moves the network data into the
example hiera files and uses create_resources on a hash to create as
many networks, subnets, and routers are the user wants. We move this
into openstack::profile::neutron::router since these resources will
always reside on the network node.
Colleen Murphy Ignore lint errors in examples directory 09366bb
Colleen Murphy Remove openstack::resources::tenant resource
This abstraction provided no value to the user.
Colleen Murphy Remove all mysql_module parameters
The mysql_module parameters does nothing anymore. Remove all references
to it.
Colleen Murphy Ensure device mapper package is latest
Nova images won't boot with the version of device-mapper installed by
default on RedHat. We need to make sure we have the latest available
version, and it needs to refresh the libvirt and then the nova-compute
service after being updated.
Colleen Murphy Remove common::glance
The glance::api class is not common, it should only be used on the
glance api server. We move it to the api profile and remove the common
Colleen Murphy Remove uncommon things from common::nova
Classes that should be included only on the Nova API server or only on
the compute node should not be in a "common" class. This patch splits
classes out of openstack::common::nova onto the API server or the
compute node.
Colleen Murphy Remove uncommon things from common::ceilometer
Most of the resources in common::ceilometer are not common across nodes
and actually have well defined places on the API server or the agent.
We split these out and just leave the base ceilometer class, which is
the only common class for ceilometer.
Colleen Murphy Move admin setup to keystone server
Setting up the admin user and tenant only needs to happen once, on the
keystone node.
Colleen Murphy Remove common::ml2 class
The ml2 plugin only needs to be configured on the neutron server, not
the router.
Colleen Murphy Move notifications to neutron server profile
This only needs to be configured on the controller, so let's move
it out of "common".

cmurphy closed this Apr 27, 2015

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