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# WARNING: This is a generated file. Manual changes will be ignored.
# Data filled in by Puppet about where we are installed...
razor='<%= scope.lookupvar('::razor::server::dest') %>'
torquebox='<%= scope.lookupvar('::razor::torquebox::dest')%>'
# Make sure our path points to the right general location.
export PATH="${razor}/bin:${jruby}/bin:${PATH}"
# Some other environment variables we might need.
export TORQUEBOX_HOME="${torquebox}"
export JBOSS_HOME="${torquebox}/jboss"
export JRUBY_HOME="${torquebox}/jruby"
# Figure out what we were asked to execute.
exe="$(basename $0)"
# Find the executable, and run it directly, or fail out gracefully.
if test -f "${razor}/bin/${exe}"; then
exec "${razor}/bin/${exe}" "$@"
elif test -f "${jruby}/bin/${exe}"; then
exec "${jruby}/bin/${exe}"
echo "unable to find the ${exe} command in razor!"
exit 1