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Ruby Task Helper

A Ruby helper library for writing Puppet tasks. It provides a class that handles error generation, simplifies JSON input and output, and makes testing your task easier. It requires Bolt >= 1.1 or Puppet Enterprise >= 2019.0.

Table of Contents

  1. Description
  2. Requirements
  3. Setup
  4. Usage


This library handles parsing JSON input, serializing the result as JSON output, and producing a formatted error message for errors.


This library works with Ruby 2.3 and later.


To use this library, include this module in a Puppetfile:

mod 'puppetlabs-ruby_task_helper'

Add it to your task metadata

  "files": ["ruby_task_helper/files/task_helper.rb"],
  "input_method": "stdin"


When writing your task include the library in your script, extend the TaskHelper module, and write the task() function. The task() function should accept its parameters as symbols, and should return a hash. The following is an example of a task that uses the library


#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require_relative "../../ruby_task_helper/files/task_helper.rb"

class MyClass < TaskHelper
  def task(name: nil, **kwargs) 
    {greeting: "Hi, my name is #{name}"}

if __FILE__ == $0

You can then run the task like any other Bolt task:

bolt task run mymodule::task -n target.example.com name="Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--"

You can additionally provide detailed errors by raising a TaskError, such as

class MyTask < TaskHelper
  def task(**kwargs)
    raise TaskHelper::Error.new("my task error message",
                               "Additional details")