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Bootstrap CentOS training VMs from scratch. Now with true versioning!
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Bootstrap CentOS VMs for training

Installs the training, student, or learning environments on an existing VM.


To turn the current machine or VM into one of the Education environments. NOTE: This changes the hostname and should probably only be done from within a Centos 6.5 or 6.6 32bit base VM. The old rakefile has been deprecated and can be found in Rakefile.orig

The basic process is to start a new VM, check out this repo within it, and run rake VMNAME from the root of the repo.

e.g. for a training VM for classroom use:

  • Build a new VM and ssh to it
  • git clone bootstrap
  • cd bootstrap
  • rake training


Packer scripts are provided in the packer directory. These depend on vmware fusion and the ovftool post-processor plugin from here:

The common configuration options have been set up in educationbase.json and vm specific variables are set in VMNAME.json After the base VM is provisioned according to the settings in VMNAME.json, the bootstrap can be applied using educationbuild.json.

First create a base VM without any bootstrap applied:

  • packer build -var-file=student.json educationbase.json

To initiate a packer build of the student vm on the base vm:

  • packer build -var-file=student.json educationbuild.json

For the training vm follow the same two steps but with training.json:

  • packer build -var-file=training.json educationbase.json
  • packer build -var-file=training.json educationbuild.json


There is a Vagrantfile that automates this process and builds on the puppetlabs/centos-6.6-32-nocm base box. There are three boxes specified.

To start a student vagrant box:

  • vagrant up

To start a training vagrant box for instructor use:

  • vagrant up training

To start a learning vagrant box:

  • vagrant up learning

Internal-only pre-release PE version builds

Download the PE master and agent installers and place them in a file_cache directory in the root of this repository. Update version for class bootstrap::get_pe and bootstrap::get_32bit_agent in manifests/site.pp to match the version string for the installers you downloaded.

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