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A curated list of awesome decentralized finance projects
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Awesome Decentralized Finance Awesome

A curated list of awesome decentralized finance projects, software, and resources.

What is Decentralized Finance?

Decentralized finance (#defi) is the movement that leverages open source software and decentralized networks to transform traditional financial products into trustless and transparent protocols that operate without unnecessary intermediaries. One could envision decentralized finance impacting the financial world the same way that open source software has changed software products.


Decentralized Exchange Protocols


Lending Protocols

Derivative Protocols/Prediction Markets

Bundling Protocols

Fund Protocols

Tokenization Protocols



  • Ethereum
    • AMP - DeFi Software Developer with EasyCDP, SilverWire, MultiSupply, and StableWire
    • Bloqboard - Lending platform for collateralized loans originated, settled, serviced, and managed on Ethereum and powered by Compound and Dharma
    • Fetch - Application that is both a decentralized exchange aggregator for price discovery and trading and a dashboard for discovering and managing decentralized loans and borrowings
    • InstaDApp - "Decentralized bank" interface built on top of MakerDAO by developers of MakerScan
    • Multis (white paper) - Interface for multisig contracts positioned as "cryptobank for companies"
    • Settle - Web interface that combines chat with different crypto tools (including portfolio tracking and integration with DeFi protocols) and an "app store" for developers
    • Zerion (source code) - Interface to decentralized finance protocols positioned as "trustless banking"





Your contributions are always welcome!

If you want to contribute to this list (please do), send me a pull request or contact me @edwin.



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