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Open and evaluate 4clojure questions.


Use `M-x package-install RET 4clojure.el RET` to install. Make sure you have the MELPA package archive enabled in your init.el or .emacs.


  1. To open a specific problem: `M-x 4clojure-open-question RET 2` opens question 2.
  2. To check your answers: `M-x 4clojure-check-answers`
  3. To open the next question (opens the first if you’re not in a 4clojure buffer): `M-x 4clojure-next-question`
  4. To open the previous question (opens the first if you’re not in a 4clojure buffer): `M-x 4clojure-previous-question`

Helping out

If you want to help out, great! This is my first emacs plugin, so help is much appreciated. Open an issue or check out the TODO list below for some ideas on what might need updating/fixing.

  • Sessions
    • If you could log in/out then you could choose questions based on what you’d already done.
    • It’d also be good to be able to log out, in case you wanted to let someone else use your already opened session
  • More documentation
    • It’d be nice to have some snippets in the README for things like:
      • Opening an nREPL connection if not already opened when opening a 4clojure problem.
  • Better descriptions and messages
    • When the question descriptions and success/failure messages come back from some of them have HTML in them. It’d be great to either remove the HTML, or use it to style the comments in emacs.