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+# Airspeed - a Python template engine
+## What is Airspeed?
+Airspeed is a powerful and easy-to-use templating engine for Python
+that aims for a high level of compatibility with the popular
+library for Java.
+## Selling points
+* Compatible with Velocity templates
+* Compatible with Python 2.1 and greater, including Jython
+* Features include macros definitions, conditionals, sub-templates and much more
+* Airspeed is already being put to serious use
+* Comprehensive set of unit tests; the entire library was written test-first
+* Reasonably fast, especially when used with [mod_python](
+* A single Python module of a few kilobytes, and not the 500kb of Velocity
+* Liberal licence (BSD-style)
+## Why another templating engine?
+A number of excellent templating mechanisms already exist for Python,
+including [Cheetah](, which has a
+syntax similar to Airspeed.
+However, in making Airspeed's syntax *identical* to that of Velocity,
+our goal is to allow Python programmers to prototype, replace or
+extend Java code that relies on Velocity.
+A simple example:
+t = airspeed.Template("""
+Old people:
+#foreach ($person in $people)
+ #if($person.age > 95)
+ $
+ #end
+people = [{'name': 'Bill', 'age': 100}, {'name': 'Bob', 'age': 90}]
+print t.merge(locals())
+You can also use "Loaders" to allow templates to include each other using the `#include` or `#parse` directives:
+% cat /tmp/1.txt
+% cat /tmp/2.txt
+#parse ("2.txt")
+% python
+Python 2.4.4 (#1, May 28 2007, 00:47:43)
+[GCC 4.0.1 (Apple Computer, Inc. build 5367)] on darwin
+Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
+>>> from airspeed import CachingFileLoader
+>>> loader = CachingFileLoader("/tmp")
+>>> template = loader.load_template("1.txt")
+>>> template.merge({}, loader=loader)
+### How compatible is Airspeed with Velocity?
+All Airspeed templates should work correctly with Velocity. The vast
+majority of Velocity templates will work correctly with Airspeed.
+### What does and doesn't work?
+Airspeed currently implements a very significant subset of the
+Velocity functionality, including `$variables`, the `#if`, `#foreach`,
+`#macro`, `#include` and `#parse` directives, and `"$interpolated #strings()"`. Templates are unicode-safe.
+Compound expressions in `#set` directives should be parenthesised, since
+no implicit operator precedence rules are implemented.
+The output of templates in Airspeed is not yet 'whitespace compatible'
+with Velocity's rendering of the same templates, which generally does
+not matter for web applications. We also have still to implement
+support for in-line math expressions and some rarely-used details such
+as map literals.
+### Where do I get it?
+### Getting started
+[Velocity User Guide](
+shows how to write templates. Our unit tests show how to use the
+templates from your code.
+### Reporting bugs
+Please feel free to create tickets for bugs or desired features.
+### Who is to blame?
+Airspeed was conceived by Chris Tarttelin, and implemented jointly in
+a test-driven manner by Steve Purcell and Chris Tarttelin. We can be
+contacted by e-mail by using our first names (at) pythonconsulting dot
+[Steve Purcell's blog]( // [@sanityinc on Twitter](

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