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Don't look beyond (point-max) when expanding current word eagerly

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1 parent eec2dc7 commit 5580dccee97b19fc5733fb09aa0e7c826b13bcee @purcell committed Jul 14, 2011
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@@ -1102,7 +1102,7 @@ that have been made before in this function."
(when (not (equal string (buffer-substring ac-point (point))))
;; If string already begins at ac-point, but (point) is not at its end, replace the entire
;; common part
- (let* ((common (try-completion "" (list string (buffer-substring ac-point (+ ac-point (length string))))))
+ (let* ((common (try-completion "" (list string (buffer-substring ac-point (min (point-max) (+ ac-point (length string)))))))
(replace-up-to (max (point) (+ ac-point (length common)))))
;; We can't use primitive-undo since it undoes by

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