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;;; autopair.el --- Automagically pair braces and quotes like TextMate
;; Copyright (C) 2009,2010 Joao Tavora
;; Author: Joao Tavora <joaotavora [at]>
;; Keywords: convenience, emulations
;; X-URL:
;; URL:
;; EmacsWiki: AutoPairs
;; Version: 0.4
;; Revision: $Rev$ ($LastChangedDate$)
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; Another stab at making braces and quotes pair like in
;; TextMate:
;; * Opening braces/quotes are autopaired;
;; * Closing braces/quotes are autoskipped;
;; * Backspacing an opening brace/quote autodeletes its adjacent pair.
;; * Newline between newly-opened brace pairs open an extra indented line.
;; Autopair deduces from the current syntax table which characters to
;; pair, skip or delete.
;;; Installation:
;; (require 'autopair)
;; (autopair-global-mode) ;; to enable in all buffers
;; To enable autopair in just some types of buffers, comment out the
;; `autopair-global-mode' and put autopair-mode in some major-mode
;; hook, like:
;; (add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook #'(lambda () (autopair-mode)))
;; Alternatively, do use `autopair-global-mode' and create
;; *exceptions* using the `autopair-dont-activate' local variable (for
;; emacs < 24), or just using (autopair-mode -1) (for emacs >= 24)
;; like:
;; (add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook
;; #'(lambda ()
;; (setq autopair-dont-activate t)
;; (autopair-mode -1)))
;;; Use:
;; The extension works by rebinding the braces and quotes keys, but
;; can still be minimally intrusive, since the original binding is
;; always called as if autopair did not exist.
;; The decision of which keys to actually rebind is taken at
;; minor-mode activation time, based on the current major mode's
;; syntax tables. To achieve this kind of behaviour, an emacs
;; variable `emulation-mode-map-alists' was used.
;; If you set `autopair-pair-criteria' and `autopair-skip-criteria' to
;; 'help-balance (which, by the way, is the default), braces are not
;; autopaired/autoskiped in all situations; the decision to autopair
;; or autoskip a brace is taken according to the following table:
;; +---------+------------+-----------+-------------------+
;; | 1234567 | autopair? | autoskip? | notes |
;; +---------+------------+-----------+-------------------+
;; | (()) | yyyyyyy | ---yy-- | balanced |
;; +---------+------------+-----------+-------------------+
;; | (())) | ------y | ---yyy- | too many closings |
;; +---------+------------+-----------+-------------------+
;; | ((()) | yyyyyyy | ------- | too many openings |
;; +---------+------------+-----------+-------------------+
;; The table is read like this: in a buffer with 7 characters laid out
;; like the first column, an "y" marks points where an opening brace
;; is autopaired and in which places would a closing brace be
;; autoskipped.
;; Quote pairing tries to support similar "intelligence", but is less
;; deterministic. Some inside-string or inside-comment situations may
;; not always behave how you intend them to.
;; The variable `autopair-autowrap' tells autopair to automatically
;; wrap the selection region with the delimiters you're trying to
;; insert. This is done conditionally based of syntaxes of the two
;; ends of the selection region. It is compatible with `cua-mode's
;; typing-deletes-selection behaviour.
;; If you find the paren-blinking annoying, turn `autopair-blink' to
;; nil.
;; For lisp-programming you might also like `autopair-skip-whitespace'.
;; For further customization have a look at `autopair-dont-pair',
;; `autopair-handle-action-fns' and `autopair-extra-pairs'.
;; `autopair-dont-pair' lets you define special cases of characters
;; you don't want paired. Its default value skips pairing
;; single-quote characters when inside a comment literal, even if the
;; language syntax tables does pair these characters.
;; (defvar autopair-dont-pair `(:string (?') :comment (?'))
;; As a further example, to also prevent the '{' (opening brace)
;; character from being autopaired in C++ comments use this in your
;; .emacs.
;; (add-hook 'c++-mode-hook
;; #'(lambda ()
;; (push ?{
;; (getf autopair-dont-pair :comment))))
;; `autopair-handle-action-fns' lets you override/extend the actions
;; taken by autopair after it decides something must be paired,skipped
;; or deleted. To work with triple quoting in python mode, you can use
;; this for example:
;; (add-hook 'python-mode-hook
;; #'(lambda ()
;; (setq autopair-handle-action-fns
;; (list #'autopair-default-handle-action
;; #'autopair-python-triple-quote-action))))
;; It's also useful to deal with latex's mode use of the "paired
;; delimiter" syntax class.
;; (add-hook 'latex-mode-hook
;; #'(lambda ()
;; (set (make-local-variable 'autopair-handle-action-fns)
;; (list #'autopair-default-handle-action
;; #'autopair-latex-mode-paired-delimiter-action))))
;; `autopair-extra-pairs' lets you define extra pairing and skipping
;; behaviour for pairs not programmed into the syntax table. Watch
;; out, this is work-in-progress, a little unstable and does not help
;; balancing at all. To have '<' and '>' pair in c++-mode buffers, but
;; only in code, use:
;; (add-hook 'c++-mode-hook
;; #'(lambda ()
;; (push '(?< . ?>)
;; (getf autopair-extra-pairs :code))))
;; if you program in emacs-lisp you might also like the following to
;; pair backtick and quote
;; (add-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook
;; #'(lambda ()
;; (push '(?` . ?')
;; (getf autopair-extra-pairs :comment))
;; (push '(?` . ?')
;; (getf autopair-extra-pairs :string))))
;;; Bugs:
;; * Quote pairing/skipping inside comments is not perfect...
;; * See the last section on monkey-patching for the `defadvice'
;; tricks used to make `autopair-autowrap' work with `cua-mode' and
;; `delete-selection-mode'.
;;; Credit:
;; Thanks Ed Singleton for early testing.
;;; Code:
;; requires
(require 'cl)
;; variables
(defvar autopair-pair-criteria 'help-balance
"How to decide whether to pair opening brackets or quotes.
Set this to 'always to always pair, or 'help-balance to be more
criterious when pairing.")
(defvar autopair-skip-criteria 'help-balance
"How to decide whether to skip closing brackets or quotes.
Set this to 'always to always skip, or 'help-balance to be more
criterious when skipping.")
(defvar autopair-emulation-alist nil
"A keymap alist for adding to `emulation-mode-map-alists'.
The alist contains single (t MAP) association, where MAP is a
dynamic keymap set mostly from the major mode's syntax table.")
(unless (> emacs-major-version 23)
(defvar autopair-dont-activate nil
"Control activation of `autopair-global-mode'.
Set this to a non-nil value to skip activation of `autopair-mode'
in certain contexts. If however the value satisfies `functionp'
and is a function of no arguments, the function is called and it is
the return value that decides.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'autopair-dont-activate))
(defvar autopair-extra-pairs nil
"Extra pairs for which to use pairing.
It's a Common-lisp-style even-numbered property list, each pair
of elements being of the form (TYPE , PAIRS). PAIRS is a mixed
list whose elements are cons cells, which look like cells look
like (OPENING . CLOSING). Autopair pairs these like
TYPE can be one of:
:string : whereby PAIRS will be considered only when inside a
string literal
:comment : whereby PAIRS will be considered only when inside a comment
:code : whereby PAIRS will be considered only when outisde a
string and a comment.
:everywhere : whereby PAIRS will be considered in all situations
In Emacs-lisp, this might be useful
(add-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook
#'(lambda ()
(setq autopair-extra-pairs `(:comment ((?`. ?'))))))
Note that this does *not* work for single characters,
e.x. characters you want to behave as quotes. See the
docs/source comments for more details.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'autopair-extra-pairs)
(defvar autopair-dont-pair `(:string (?') :comment (?'))
"Characters for which to skip any pairing behaviour.
This variable overrides `autopair-pair-criteria' and
`autopair-extra-pairs'. It does not
(currently) affect the skipping behaviour.
It's a Common-lisp-style even-numbered property list, each pair
of elements being of the form (TYPE , CHARS). CHARS is a list of
characters and TYPE can be one of:
:string : whereby characters in CHARS will not be autopaired when
inside a string literal
:comment : whereby characters in CHARS will not be autopaired when
inside a comment
:never : whereby characters in CHARS won't even have their
bindings replaced by autopair's. This particular option
should be used for troubleshooting and requires
`autopair-mode' to be restarted to have any effect.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'autopair-dont-pair)
(defvar autopair-action nil
"Autopair action decided on by last interactive autopair command, or nil.
When autopair decides on an action this is a list whose first
three elements are (ACTION PAIR POS-BEFORE).
ACTION is one of `opening', `insert-quote', `skip-quote',
`backspace', `newline' or `paired-delimiter'. PAIR is the pair of
the `autopair-inserted' character, if applicable. POS-BEFORE is
value of point before action command took place .")
(defvar autopair-wrap-action nil
"Autowrap action decided on by autopair, if any.
When autopair decides on an action this is a list whose first
ACTION can only be `wrap' currently. PAIR and POS-BEFORE
delimiter are as in `autopair-action'. REGION-BEFORE is a cons
cell with the bounds of the region before the command takes
(defvar autopair-handle-action-fns '()
"Autopair handlers to run *instead* of the default handler.
Each element is a function taking three arguments (ACTION, PAIR
and POS-BEFORE), which are the three elements of the
`autopair-action' variable, which see.
If non-nil, these functions are called *instead* of the single
function `autopair-default-handle-action', so use this variable
to specify special behaviour. To also run the default behaviour,
be sure to include `autopair-default-handle-action' in the
list, or call it from your handlers.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'autopair-handle-action-fns)
(defvar autopair-handle-wrap-action-fns '()
"Autopair wrap handlers to run *instead* of the default handler.
Each element is a function taking four arguments (ACTION, PAIR,
POS-BEFORE and REGION-BEFORE), which are the three elements of the
`autopair-wrap-action' variable, which see.
If non-nil, these functions are called *instead* of the single
function `autopair-default-handle-wrap-action', so use this
variable to specify special behaviour. To also run the default
behaviour, be sure to include `autopair-default-handle-wrap-action' in
the list, or call it in your handlers.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'autopair-handle-wrap-action-fns)
(defvar autopair-inserted nil
"Delimiter inserted by last interactive autopair command.
This is calculated with `autopair-calculate-inserted', which see.")
(defun autopair-calculate-inserted ()
"Attempts to guess the delimiter the current command is inserting.
For now, simply returns `last-command-event'"
;; minor mode and global mode
(define-globalized-minor-mode autopair-global-mode autopair-mode autopair-on)
(when (>= emacs-major-version 24)
(defvar autopair-global-mode-emacs24-hack-flag nil)
(defadvice autopair-global-mode-enable-in-buffers (before autopairs-global-mode-emacs24-hack activate)
"Monkey patch for recent emacsen 24.
It's impossible for a globalized minor-mode to see variables set
by major-mode-hooks. However, the auto-generated
`autopair-mode-enable-in-buffers' does run after the
This advice makes sure the emulation keybindings are (re)set
there. It relies on the fact that
`autopair-mode-enable-in-buffers' is still called again in
`after-change-major-mode-hook' (but the autopair-mode has already
been turned on before the major-mode hooks kicked in).
We want this advice to only kick in the *second* call to
(dolist (buf autopair-global-mode-buffers)
(when (buffer-live-p buf)
(with-current-buffer buf
(when (and autopair-mode
(not autopair-global-mode-emacs24-hack-flag))
(set (make-local-variable 'autopair-global-mode-emacs24-hack-flag) t)))))))
(defun autopair-on ()
(unless (or buffer-read-only
(and (not (minibufferp))
(string-match "^ \\*" (buffer-name)))
(eq major-mode 'sldb-mode)
(and (< emacs-major-version 24)
(boundp 'autopair-dont-activate)
(autopair-mode 1))))
(define-minor-mode autopair-mode
"Automagically pair braces and quotes like in TextMate."
nil " pair" nil
(cond (autopair-mode
;; Setup the dynamic emulation keymap, i.e. sets `autopair-emulation-alist'
(add-to-list 'emulation-mode-map-alists 'autopair-emulation-alist 'append)
;; Init important vars
(setq autopair-action nil)
(setq autopair-wrap-action nil)
;; Add the post command handler
(add-hook 'post-command-hook 'autopair-post-command-handler nil 'local))
(set (make-local-variable 'autopair-emulation-alist) nil)
(remove-hook 'post-command-hook 'autopair-post-command-handler 'local))))
(defun autopair-set-emulation-bindings ()
"Setup keymap MAP with keybindings based on the major-mode's
syntax table and the local value of `autopair-extra-pairs'."
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key map [remap delete-backward-char] 'autopair-backspace)
(define-key map [remap backward-delete-char-untabify] 'autopair-backspace)
(define-key map (kbd "<backspace>") 'autopair-backspace)
(define-key map [backspace] 'autopair-backspace)
(define-key map (kbd "DEL") 'autopair-backspace)
(define-key map [return] 'autopair-newline)
(define-key map (kbd "RET") 'autopair-newline)
(dotimes (char 256) ;; only searches the first 256 chars,
;; TODO: is this enough/toomuch/stupid?
(unless (member char
(getf autopair-dont-pair :never))
(let* ((syntax-entry (aref (syntax-table) char))
(class (and syntax-entry
(syntax-class syntax-entry)))
(pair (and syntax-entry
(cdr syntax-entry))))
(cond ((eq class (car (string-to-syntax "(")))
;; syntax classes "opening parens" and "close parens"
(define-key map (string char) 'autopair-insert-opening)
(define-key map (string pair) 'autopair-skip-close-maybe))
((eq class (car (string-to-syntax "\"")))
;; syntax class "string quote
(define-key map (string char) 'autopair-insert-or-skip-quote))
((eq class (car (string-to-syntax "$")))
;; syntax class "paired-delimiter"
;; Apropos this class, see Issues 18, 25 and
;; elisp info node "35.2.1 Table of Syntax
;; Classes". The fact that it supresses
;; syntatic properties in the delimited region
;; dictates that deciding to autopair/autoskip
;; can't really be as clean as the string
;; delimiter.
;; Apparently, only `TeX-mode' uses this, so
;; the best is to bind this to
;; `autopair-insert-or-skip-paired-delimiter'
;; which defers any decision making to
;; mode-specific post-command handler
;; functions.
(define-key map (string char) 'autopair-insert-or-skip-paired-delimiter))))))
;; read `autopair-extra-pairs'
(dolist (pairs-list (remove-if-not #'listp autopair-extra-pairs))
(dolist (pair pairs-list)
(define-key map (string (car pair)) 'autopair-extra-insert-opening)
(define-key map (string (cdr pair)) 'autopair-extra-skip-close-maybe)))
(set (make-local-variable 'autopair-emulation-alist) (list (cons t map)))))
;; helper functions
(defun autopair-syntax-ppss ()
"Calculate syntax info relevant to autopair.
A list of four elements is returned:
- SYNTAX-INFO is either the result `syntax-ppss' or the result of
calling `parse-partial-sexp' with the appropriate
bounds (previously calculated with `syntax-ppss'.
- WHERE-SYM can be one of the symbols :string, :comment or :code.
- QUICK-SYNTAX-INFO is always the result returned by `syntax-ppss'.
- BOUNDS are the boudaries of the current string or comment if
we're currently inside one."
(let* ((quick-syntax-info (syntax-ppss))
(string-or-comment-start (nth 8 quick-syntax-info)))
(cond (;; inside a string, recalculate
(nth 3 quick-syntax-info)
(list (parse-partial-sexp (1+ string-or-comment-start) (point))
(cons string-or-comment-start
(condition-case nil
(scan-sexps string-or-comment-start 1)
(error nil)))))
((nth 4 quick-syntax-info)
(list (parse-partial-sexp (1+ (nth 8 quick-syntax-info)) (point))
(list quick-syntax-info
(defun autopair-find-pair (delim &optional closing)
(when (and delim
(integerp delim))
(let ((syntax-entry (aref (syntax-table) delim)))
(cond ((eq (syntax-class syntax-entry) (car (string-to-syntax "(")))
(cdr syntax-entry))
((or (eq (syntax-class syntax-entry) (car (string-to-syntax "\"")))
(eq (syntax-class syntax-entry) (car (string-to-syntax "$"))))
((and (not closing)
(eq (syntax-class syntax-entry) (car (string-to-syntax ")"))))
(cdr syntax-entry))
(some #'(lambda (pair-list)
(some #'(lambda (pair)
(cond ((eq (cdr pair) delim) (car pair))
((eq (car pair) delim) (cdr pair))))
(remove-if-not #'listp autopair-extra-pairs)))))))
(defun autopair-calculate-wrap-action ()
(when (and transient-mark-mode mark-active)
(when (> (point) (mark))
(let* ((region-before (cons (region-beginning)
(point-before (point))
(start-syntax (syntax-ppss (car region-before)))
(end-syntax (syntax-ppss (cdr region-before))))
(when (or (not (eq autopair-autowrap 'help-balance))
(and (eq (nth 0 start-syntax) (nth 0 end-syntax))
(eq (nth 3 start-syntax) (nth 3 end-syntax))))
(list 'wrap (or (second autopair-action)
(autopair-find-pair autopair-inserted))
(defun autopair-original-binding (fallback-keys)
(or (key-binding `[,autopair-inserted])
(key-binding (this-single-command-keys))
(key-binding fallback-keys)))
(defvar this-autopair-command nil)
(defun autopair-fallback (&optional fallback-keys)
(let* ((autopair-emulation-alist nil)
(beyond-cua (let ((cua--keymap-alist nil))
(autopair-original-binding fallback-keys)))
(beyond-autopair (autopair-original-binding fallback-keys)))
(when autopair-autowrap
(setq autopair-wrap-action (autopair-calculate-wrap-action)))
(setq this-autopair-command this-command)
(setq this-original-command beyond-cua)
;; defer to "paredit-mode" if that is installed and running
(when (and (featurep 'paredit)
(symbolp beyond-cua)
(string-match "paredit" (symbol-name beyond-cua)))
(setq autopair-action nil))
(let ((cua-delete-selection (not autopair-autowrap))
(blink-matching-paren (not autopair-action)))
(call-interactively beyond-autopair))))
(defvar autopair-autowrap 'help-balance
"If non-nil autopair attempts to wrap the selected region.
This is also done in an optimistic \"try-to-balance\" fashion.
Set this to to 'help-balance to be more criterious when wrapping.")
(defvar autopair-skip-whitespace nil
"If non-nil also skip over whitespace when skipping closing delimiters.
If set to 'chomp, this will be most useful in lisp-like languages where you want
lots of )))))....")
(defvar autopair-blink (if (boundp 'blink-matching-paren)
"If non-nil autopair blinks matching delimiters.")
(defvar autopair-blink-delay 0.1
"Autopair's blink-the-delimiter delay.")
(defun autopair-document-bindings (&optional fallback-keys)
"Works by scheduling possible autopair behaviour, then calls
original command as if autopair didn't exist"
(when (eq this-command 'describe-key)
(let* ((autopair-emulation-alist nil)
(command (or (key-binding (this-single-command-keys))
(key-binding fallback-keys))))
(when command
(format ", which in this case is `%s'" command))))
(defun autopair-escaped-p (syntax-info)
(nth 5 syntax-info))
(defun autopair-exception-p (where-sym exception-where-sym blacklist &optional fn)
(and (or (eq exception-where-sym :everywhere)
(eq exception-where-sym where-sym))
(member autopair-inserted
(if fn
(mapcar fn (getf blacklist exception-where-sym))
(getf blacklist exception-where-sym)))))
(defun autopair-up-list (syntax-info &optional closing)
"Try to uplist as much as possible, moving point.
Return nil if something prevented uplisting.
Otherwise return a cons of char positions of the starting
delimiter and end delimiters of the last list we just came out
of. If we aren't inside any lists return a cons of current point.
If inside nested lists of mixed parethesis types, finding a
matching parenthesis of a mixed-type is considered OK (non-nil is
returned) and uplisting stops there."
(condition-case nil
(let ((howmany (car syntax-info))
(retval (cons (point)
(while (and (> howmany 0)
(condition-case err
(scan-sexps (point) (- (point-max)))
(error err))
(error (let ((opening (and closing
(autopair-find-pair closing))))
(setq retval (cons (fourth err)
(or (not opening)
(eq opening (char-after (fourth err))))))))
(goto-char (scan-lists (point) 1 1))
(decf howmany))
(error nil)))
;; interactive commands and their associated predicates
(defun autopair-insert-or-skip-quote ()
(setq autopair-inserted (autopair-calculate-inserted))
(let* ((syntax-triplet (autopair-syntax-ppss))
(syntax-info (first syntax-triplet))
(where-sym (second syntax-triplet))
(orig-info (third syntax-triplet))
;; inside-string may the quote character itself or t if this
;; is a "generically terminated string"
(inside-string (and (eq where-sym :string)
(fourth orig-info)))
(escaped-p (autopair-escaped-p syntax-info))
(cond (;; decides whether to skip the quote...
(and (not escaped-p)
(eq autopair-inserted (char-after (point)))
;; ... if we're already inside a string and the
;; string starts with the character just inserted,
;; or it's a generically terminated string
(and inside-string
(or (eq inside-string t)
(eq autopair-inserted inside-string)))
;; ... if we're in a comment and ending a string
;; (the inside-string criteria does not work
;; here...)
(and (eq where-sym :comment)
(condition-case nil
(eq autopair-inserted (char-after (scan-sexps (1+ (point)) -1)))
(error nil)))))
(setq autopair-action (list 'skip-quote autopair-inserted (point))))
(;; decides whether to pair, i.e do *not* pair the quote if...
;; ... inside a generic string
(eq inside-string t)
;; ... inside an unterminated string started by this char
(autopair-in-unterminated-string-p syntax-triplet)
;; ... uplisting forward causes an error which leaves us
;; inside an unterminated string started by this char
(condition-case err
(progn (save-excursion (up-list)) nil)
(autopair-in-unterminated-string-p (save-excursion
(goto-char (fourth err))
(autopair-in-unterminated-string-p (save-excursion
(goto-char (point-max))
;; ... comment-disable or string-disable are true here.
;; The latter is only useful if we're in a string
;; terminated by a character other than
;; `autopair-inserted'.
(some #'(lambda (sym)
(autopair-exception-p where-sym sym autopair-dont-pair))
'(:comment :string))))
(setq autopair-action (list 'insert-quote autopair-inserted (point)))))
(put 'autopair-insert-or-skip-quote 'function-documentation
'(concat "Insert or possibly skip over a quoting character.\n\n"
(defun autopair-in-unterminated-string-p (autopair-triplet)
(and (eq autopair-inserted (fourth (third autopair-triplet)))
(condition-case nil (progn (scan-sexps (ninth (third autopair-triplet)) 1) nil) (error t))))
(defun autopair-insert-opening ()
(setq autopair-inserted (autopair-calculate-inserted))
(when (autopair-pair-p)
(setq autopair-action (list 'opening (autopair-find-pair autopair-inserted) (point))))
(put 'autopair-insert-opening 'function-documentation
'(concat "Insert opening delimiter and possibly automatically close it.\n\n"
(defun autopair-skip-close-maybe ()
(setq autopair-inserted (autopair-calculate-inserted))
(when (autopair-skip-p)
(setq autopair-action (list 'closing (autopair-find-pair autopair-inserted) (point))))
(put 'autopair-skip-close-maybe 'function-documentation
'(concat "Insert or possibly skip over a closing delimiter.\n\n"
(defun autopair-backspace ()
(setq autopair-inserted (autopair-calculate-inserted))
(when (char-before)
(setq autopair-action (list 'backspace (autopair-find-pair (char-before) 'closing) (point))))
(autopair-fallback (kbd "DEL")))
(put 'autopair-backspace 'function-documentation
'(concat "Possibly delete a pair of paired delimiters.\n\n"
(autopair-document-bindings (kbd "DEL"))))
(defun autopair-newline ()
(setq autopair-inserted (autopair-calculate-inserted))
(let ((pair (autopair-find-pair (char-before))))
(when (and pair
(eq (char-syntax pair) ?\))
(eq (char-after) pair))
(setq autopair-action (list 'newline pair (point))))
(autopair-fallback (kbd "RET"))))
(put 'autopair-newline 'function-documentation
'(concat "Do a smart newline when right between parenthesis.\n
In other words, insert an extra newline along with the one inserted normally
by this command. Then place point after the first, indented.\n\n"
(autopair-document-bindings (kbd "RET"))))
(defun autopair-skip-p ()
(let* ((syntax-triplet (autopair-syntax-ppss))
(syntax-info (first syntax-triplet))
(orig-point (point)))
(cond ((eq autopair-skip-criteria 'help-balance)
(let ((pos-pair (autopair-up-list syntax-info autopair-inserted)))
;; if `autopair-up-list' returned something valid, we
;; probably want to skip but only if on of the following is true.
;; 1. it returned a cons of equal values (we're not inside any list
;; 2. up-listing stopped at a list that contains our original point
;; 3. up-listing stopped at a list that does not
;; contain out original point but its starting
;; delimiter matches the one we expect.
(and pos-pair
(or (eq (car pos-pair) (cdr pos-pair))
(< orig-point (cdr pos-pair))
(eq (char-after (car pos-pair))
(autopair-find-pair autopair-inserted)))))))
((eq autopair-skip-criteria 'need-opening)
(condition-case err
(error nil))))
(defun autopair-pair-p ()
(let* ((syntax-triplet (autopair-syntax-ppss))
(syntax-info (first syntax-triplet))
(where-sym (second syntax-triplet))
(orig-point (point)))
(and (not (some #'(lambda (sym)
(autopair-exception-p where-sym sym autopair-dont-pair))
'(:string :comment :code :everywhere)))
(cond ((eq autopair-pair-criteria 'help-balance)
(and (not (autopair-escaped-p syntax-info))
(let ((pos-pair (autopair-up-list syntax-info))
(prev-point (point-max))
(expected-closing (autopair-find-pair autopair-inserted)))
(condition-case err
(while (not (eq prev-point (point)))
(setq prev-point (point))
;; if `forward-sexp' (called byp
;; `autopair-forward') returned an error.
;; typically we don't want to autopair,
;; unless one of the following occurs:
(cond (;; 1. The error is *not* of type "containing
;; expression ends prematurely", which means
;; we're in the "too-many-openings" situation
;; and thus want to autopair.
(not (string-match "prematurely" (second err)))
(;; 2. We stopped at a closing parenthesis. Do
;; autopair if we're in a mixed parens situation,
;; i.e. the last list jumped over was started by
;; the paren we're trying to match
;; (`autopair-inserted') and ended by a different
;; parens, or the closing paren we stopped at is
;; also different from the expected. The second
;; `scan-lists' places point at the closing of the
;; last list we forwarded over.
(condition-case err
(eq (char-after (scan-lists (point) -1 0))
(goto-char (scan-lists (point) -1 -1)))
(error t))
;; mixed () ] for input (, yes autopair
(not (eq expected-closing (char-after (third err))))
;; mixed (] ) for input (, yes autopair
(not (eq expected-closing (char-after (point))))
;; ()) for input (, not mixed
;; hence no autopair
;; (eq (fourth err) (point-max))
((eq autopair-pair-criteria 'always)
(not (autopair-escaped-p)))))))
;; post-command-hook stuff
(defun autopair-post-command-handler ()
"Performs pairing and wrapping based on `autopair-action' and
`autopair-wrap-action'. "
(when (and autopair-wrap-action
(notany #'null autopair-wrap-action))
(if autopair-handle-wrap-action-fns
(condition-case err
(mapc #'(lambda (fn)
(apply fn autopair-wrap-action))
(error (progn
(message "[autopair] error running custom `autopair-handle-wrap-action-fns', switching autopair off")
(autopair-mode -1))))
(apply #'autopair-default-handle-wrap-action autopair-wrap-action))
(setq autopair-wrap-action nil))
(when (and autopair-action
(notany #'null autopair-action))
(if autopair-handle-action-fns
(condition-case err
(mapc #'(lambda (fn)
(funcall fn (first autopair-action) (second autopair-action) (third autopair-action)))
(error (progn
(message "[autopair] error running custom `autopair-handle-action-fns', switching autopair off")
(autopair-mode -1))))
(apply #'autopair-default-handle-action autopair-action))
(setq autopair-action nil)))
(defun autopair-blink-matching-open ()
(let ((blink-matching-paren autopair-blink)
(show-paren-mode nil)
(blink-matching-delay autopair-blink-delay))
(defun autopair-blink (&optional pos)
(when autopair-blink
(if pos
(goto-char pos)
(sit-for autopair-blink-delay))
(sit-for autopair-blink-delay))))
(defun autopair-default-handle-action (action pair pos-before)
;;(message "action is %s" action)
(condition-case err
(cond (;; automatically insert closing delimiter
(and (eq 'opening action)
(not (eq pair (char-before))))
(insert pair)
(backward-char 1))
(;; automatically insert closing quote delimiter
(eq 'insert-quote action)
(insert pair)
(backward-char 1))
(;; automatically skip oper closer quote delimiter
(and (eq 'skip-quote action)
(eq pair (char-after (point))))
(delete-char 1)
(;; skip over newly-inserted-but-existing closing delimiter
;; (normal case)
(eq 'closing action)
(let ((skipped 0))
(when autopair-skip-whitespace
(setq skipped (save-excursion (skip-chars-forward "\s\n\t"))))
(when (eq autopair-inserted (char-after (+ (point) skipped)))
(backward-delete-char 1)
(unless (zerop skipped) (autopair-blink (+ (point) skipped)))
(if (eq autopair-skip-whitespace 'chomp)
(delete-char skipped)
(forward-char skipped))
(;; autodelete closing delimiter
(and (eq 'backspace action)
(eq pair (char-after (point))))
(delete-char 1))
(;; opens an extra line after point, then indents
(and (eq 'newline action)
(eq pair (char-after (point))))
(when (or (and (boundp 'global-hl-line-mode)
(and (boundp 'hl-line-mode)
(hl-line-unhighlight) (hl-line-highlight))))
(message "[autopair] Ignored error in `autopair-default-handle-action'"))))
(defun autopair-default-handle-wrap-action (action pair pos-before region-before)
"Default handler for the wrapping action in `autopair-wrap'"
(condition-case err
(when (eq 'wrap action)
(let ((delete-active-region nil))
((member this-autopair-command '(autopair-insert-opening
(goto-char (1+ (cdr region-before)))
(insert pair)
(goto-char (1+ (car region-before))))
(;; wraps
(member this-autopair-command '(autopair-skip-close-maybe
(delete-backward-char 1)
(insert pair)
(goto-char (1+ (cdr region-before)))
(insert autopair-inserted))
((member this-autopair-command '(autopair-insert-or-skip-quote
(goto-char (1+ (cdr region-before)))
(insert pair)
(delete-backward-char 1)
(goto-char (cdr region-before))
(insert autopair-inserted)))
(setq autopair-action nil)))
(message "[autopair] Ignored error in `autopair-default-handle-wrap-action'"))))
;; example python triple quote helper
(defun autopair-python-triple-quote-action (action pair pos-before)
(cond ((and (eq 'insert-quote action)
(>= (point) 3)
(string= (buffer-substring (- (point) 3)
(make-string 3 pair)))
(save-excursion (insert (make-string 2 pair))))
((and (eq 'backspace action)
(>= (point) 2)
(<= (point) (- (point-max) 2))
(string= (buffer-substring (- (point) 2)
(+ (point) 2))
(make-string 4 pair)))
(delete-region (- (point) 2)
(+ (point) 2)))
((and (eq 'skip-quote action)
(<= (point) (- (point-max) 2))
(string= (buffer-substring (point)
(+ (point) 2))
(make-string 2 pair)))
(forward-char 2))
;; example latex paired-delimiter helper
(defun autopair-latex-mode-paired-delimiter-action (action pair pos-before)
"Pair or skip latex's \"paired delimiter\" syntax in math mode. Added AucText support, thanks Massimo Lauria"
(when (eq action 'paired-delimiter)
(when (eq (char-before) pair)
(if (and (or
(eq (get-text-property pos-before 'face) 'tex-math)
(eq (get-text-property (- pos-before 1) 'face) 'font-latex-math-face)
(member 'font-latex-math-face (get-text-property (- pos-before 1) 'face)))
(eq (char-after) pair))
(cond ((and (eq (char-after) pair)
(eq (char-after (1+ (point))) pair))
;; double skip
(delete-char 1)
((eq (char-before pos-before) pair)
;; doube insert
(insert pair)
;; simple skip
(delete-char 1)))
(insert pair)
;; Commands and predicates for the autopair-extra* feature
(defun autopair-extra-insert-opening ()
(setq autopair-inserted (autopair-calculate-inserted))
(when (autopair-extra-pair-p)
(setq autopair-action (list 'opening (autopair-find-pair autopair-inserted) (point))))
(put 'autopair-extra-insert-opening 'function-documentation
'(concat "Insert (an extra) opening delimiter and possibly automatically close it.\n\n"
(defun autopair-extra-skip-close-maybe ()
(setq autopair-inserted (autopair-calculate-inserted))
(when (autopair-extra-skip-p)
(setq autopair-action (list 'closing autopair-inserted (point))))
(put 'autopair-extra-skip-close-maybe 'function-documentation
'(concat "Insert or possibly skip over a (and extra) closing delimiter.\n\n"
(defun autopair-extra-pair-p ()
(let* ((syntax-triplet (autopair-syntax-ppss))
(syntax-info (first syntax-triplet))
(where-sym (second syntax-triplet)))
(some #'(lambda (sym)
(autopair-exception-p where-sym sym autopair-extra-pairs #'car))
'(:everywhere :comment :string :code))))
(defun autopair-extra-skip-p ()
(let* ((syntax-triplet (autopair-syntax-ppss))
(syntax-info (first syntax-triplet))
(where-sym (second syntax-triplet))
(orig-point (point)))
(and (eq (char-after (point)) autopair-inserted)
(some #'(lambda (sym)
(autopair-exception-p where-sym sym autopair-extra-pairs #'cdr))
'(:comment :string :code :everywhere))
(condition-case err
(backward-sexp (point-max))
(goto-char (third err))))
(search-forward (make-string 1 (autopair-find-pair autopair-inserted))
;; Commands and tex-mode specific handler functions for the "paired
;; delimiter" syntax class.
(defun autopair-insert-or-skip-paired-delimiter ()
" insert or skip a character paired delimiter"
(setq autopair-inserted (autopair-calculate-inserted))
(setq autopair-action (list 'paired-delimiter autopair-inserted (point)))
(put 'autopair-insert-or-skip-paired-delimiter 'function-documentation
'(concat "Insert or possibly skip over a character with a syntax-class of \"paired delimiter\"."
;; monkey-patching: Compatibility with delete-selection-mode and cua-mode
;; Ideally one would be able to use functions as the value of the
;; 'delete-selection properties of the autopair commands. The function
;; would return non-nil when no wrapping should/could be performed.
;; Until then use some `defadvice' i.e. monkey-patching, which relies
;; on these features' implementation details.
(put 'autopair-insert-opening 'delete-selection t)
(put 'autopair-skip-close-maybe 'delete-selection t)
(put 'autopair-insert-or-skip-quote 'delete-selection t)
(put 'autopair-extra-insert-opening 'delete-selection t)
(put 'autopair-extra-skip-close-maybe 'delete-selection t)
(put 'autopair-backspace 'delete-selection 'supersede)
(put 'autopair-newline 'delete-selection t)
(defun autopair-should-autowrap ()
(and autopair-mode
(not (eq this-command 'autopair-backspace))
(symbolp this-command)
(string-match "^autopair" (symbol-name this-command))
(defadvice cua--pre-command-handler-1 (around autopair-override activate)
"Don't actually do anything if autopair is about to autowrap. "
(unless (autopair-should-autowrap) ad-do-it))
(defadvice delete-selection-pre-hook (around autopair-override activate)
"Don't actually do anything if autopair is about to autowrap. "
(unless (autopair-should-autowrap) ad-do-it))
;; hihi
(eval-when '(eval)
(defun autopair-exterminate-package ()
(mapatoms #'(lambda (sym)
(when (string-match "^autopair-" (symbol-name sym))
(unintern sym))))))
(provide 'autopair)
;;; autopair.el ends here
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