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This is a simple benchmark of calls to Emacs require and load functions. It can be used to keep track of where time is being spent during Emacs startup in order to optimize startup times.

The code was originally based on init-benchmarking.el by Steve Purcell but several modification has gone into it since.


Place this program in your load path and add the following code to the beginning of your Emacs initialization script.

(require 'benchmark-init)

Using el-get

Add the following recipe to el-get.

(:name benchmark-init
       :type github
       :depends (ctable)
       :pkgname "dholm/benchmark-init-el")

Since benchmark-init must be installed as early as possible so that it can measure calls to load and require it should be loaded before el-get starts bringing in other packages. To achieve that add something like the following snippet as early as possible in your Emacs initialization script, before calling el-get.

(let ((benchmark-init-path "/path/to/el-get/benchmark-init"))
  (when (file-exists-p benchmark-init-path)
    (add-to-list 'load-path benchmark-init-path)
    (require 'benchmark-init)

The first time you start Emacs after adding this nothing will be benchmarked since el-get will only install the package. Simply quit and restart Emacs and everything should be benchmarked from now on.


After Emacs has finished loading the following two functions can be called in order to display the results.

  • benchmark-init/show-require-times
  • benchmark-init/show-load-times

ctable is used to display the results and must be in your Emacs load path for the functions to work.

This is what it might look like when executing benchmark-init/show-require-times.

|           Feature           |  ms   |
|eldoc-eval                   |    204|
|eldoc                        |    183|
|ido                          |     59|
|ispell                       |     16|
|grep                         |      6|
|inversion                    |      1|